8 Best Places Serving Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi NCR


Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi is like a Blessing to vegetarians Delhiites because it’s a feeling that chicken lovers will never know, no matter how hard they try. Those who believe that Chicken Makhni and cream chicken is the perfect food porn should be aware that ‘Soya Chaap’ is an exquisite alternative. It is known as the vegan chicken and is rich in aromas, thanks to market players who have reinterpreted it over time. Soya Chaap, grilled on sticks and drizzled in butter and cream, is the perfect way to open a feast. Here’s a list of eight restaurants serving the best Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi NCR that you must not miss and is ideal for vegetarian people. 

Best Chaap in Delhi NCR

Consider sizzling warm Soya Chaap and creamy Malai Chaap with crunchy rumali roti, fresh chutney, Hari Mirch, and Sirka pyaaz! *Creamy* Just thinking about it makes our sense of taste dance with delight. And if you’re salivating as well, wipe your brow and keep reading. 

8 Best Places Serving Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi NCR

Sardarji Malai Chaapwale

One of the top venues in Delhi for Chaap. Sardarji Malai Chaapwale offers a wide range of high-quality Chaap varieties including both gravy and tandoori. Tawa Chaap Gravy, Hariyali Chaap, Malai Chaap, and Achari Chaap are among their favorites. The way they cook and make the Soya Chaap is highly appreciable. The Malai Chaap tastes delicious and has an excellent spice balance. Excellent choice for vegans.

Wah Ji Wah

It is a vegan restaurant with almost 50 locations in Delhi. They serve a wide range of delectable Soya Chaaps, including Achari Chaap, Chaap Mutton Rogan Josh, Afghani Chaap, Malai Chaap Roll, Reshmi Chaap, Hariyali Chaap, Chaap Lababdar Gravy, and others. They are well-known for their prompt preparation and service. If you are a vegetarian looking for the best Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi NCR this is one of the best places to go. 

Kulcha King

Kulcha King is a shop in Sarojini Nagar run by dad and son team Avtar Singh Bagga and Harjeet Singh. Folks adore them for their lip-smacking Amritsari Kulchas and finger-licking Soya Chaaps. They offer Chaap with chutney and minced onions, as well as mint and coriander to round out the smoky taste of the Chaap.

Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike serves best Chaap in Delhi

Hunger Strike is here to broaden your options with its outstanding Soya Chaaps. Soy protein Chilly Chaap and Masala Roll Soya Cream are the top soya chaaps on their offer. They are tasty, soft, juicy, and peppery. The filling is savory, and the spices are applied liberally. Remember to try their classy soy rolls the next time you’re in Delhi. They have five locations in Delhi.

Urban Punjab

This establishment has carved out a niche for itself by cooking up delicious Malai chaaps that even non-vegetarians can’t stop! In spite of their lovely platters, this eatery is particularly popular on the nights and offers limited-but-uber-delicious alternatives for you to select from. This establishment is a must-try, and their amazing Shahi masala Chaap will definitely have you coming back for more.

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Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale

This small eatery draws large audiences not just for its scrumptious chaaps, but also for their distinctive names like Mia Khalifa Chaap, Baby Doll Chaap, Sunny Leone Chaap, Aye Din Bahar Ke, and numerous others. Their Masala and Achari Chaaps are must-orders for the greatest foodgasm with your foodie friends! Come on over for some delicious snacks!

Azam’s Mughlai

When it comes to Soya Rolls, this establishment is fantastic. Azam’s Mughlai in Khan Market serves delectable Soya Chaaps & Soya Rolls. Tandoor-grilled Soya Chaaps are luscious and full of flavor. Although the selection for Chaap fans is restricted, you must taste the Soya Malai Chaap, Soya Chilli Chaap, Soya Tikka Roll, and Soya Masala Chaap Wraps.

Chaap King

8 Best Places Serving Soya Chaap and Malai Chaap in Delhi NCR

Chaap King is a blessing for all chaap fans, vegans, and, well, everyone! These nice people have a mouth-watering selection of yummy goodness that will definitely tickle your tastes. And, what we particularly like about this business is that, in order to enhance the quality, the quantity supplied here is also reasonably priced. So, grab your smartphones and buy their Stuffed Malai Chaap, Tawa Chaap, Haryali Chaap, and a variety of other equally delicious alternatives right away. It’s a must-visit on this list of best Soya Chaap places in Delhi NCR.

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