15 Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR

15 Best Picnic Spots in Delhi to Relive Childhood Memories


There are a lot of Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR. All of us have happy memories of our childhood day trips and picnics. We could not have been happier with a better day spent with friends and family, either inside or outside the city. In a bustling metropolis like Delhi, life may easily become routine, dreary, and boring. 

Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR

Life can seem like it’s just a series of routine activities when you factor in the relentless strain and stress of work, the erratic traffic, the lengthy commutes, and the aimless weekends spent visiting relatives or shopping. Experiencing a shift in environment and maintaining strong interactions with loved ones can also enhance communication, fortify bonds, and contribute to overall well-being. Let’s prepare you for the Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR.


15 Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR

1. Nehru Park

Nehru Park

Jawahar Lal Nehru, the country’s first prime minister, is honoured in this park, which is situated in Chanakyapuri, the Diplomatic Enclave of New Delhi. Located in the heart of the city, the expansive 80 acres of parkland are hidden away. Created in 1969, Nehru Park, also known as Buddha Jayanti Park, is regarded as one of New Delhi’s most verdant spaces.

2. Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens

One of Delhi’s most popular picnic spots is Lodhi Gardens, which is situated right in the middle of the capital. Come here to practice yoga and take walks in the morning. Couples and families are seen here enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

Bara Gumbad, a three-domed mosque, Shish Gumbad, Athpula or Eight Pier Bridge, a lake, a glasshouse, and National Bonsai Park are a few of the attractions of Lodhi Garden.

3. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli, a sizable step well in Delhi next to the well-known Connaught Place, has been designated as a historical landmark. One of Delhi’s most well-liked picnic locations, measuring 60 meters long and 15 meters wide, draws lots of individuals looking to spend some alone time with loved ones. It is also among the top summertime destinations in Delhi.

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4. Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Situated in India’s capital city, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a significant historical site encompassing an area of more than 200 square kilometers. The park is best known for being the only place in Delhi with a continuous history of habitation dating back a millennium.

The park, which has one of Delhi’s greatest cultural distinctions, is the resting place of numerous important historical people, including as Quli Khan, Jamali the Sufi poet, and Balban.

5. National Rose Garden

National Rose Garden

A well-liked destination for romantic picnics in Delhi and an excellent educational tool for children, the National Rose Garden features an extensive array of roses from throughout the globe.

The roses in this park, also known as the India-Africa Friendship Rose Garden, will give you the impression that you are a royal guest of the Mughals as you stroll through the palace garden. See the most exotic and unique roses imaginable. Visit the flower gardens between December and January to witness them in full bloom.

6. National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park

Known by many as “Chidiya Ghar,” National Zoological Park is a weekend favorite for both kids and adults. Travelers frequent this park, which is one of Delhi’s most well-liked locations for picnics.

Explore this place to see a variety of wildlife, from the largest cats to the smallest birds. Additionally, it runs conservation breeding programs for red jungle fowl, swamp deer, Indian rhinoceroses, Asian lions, royal Bengal tigers, and brow-antlered deer. It is one of the Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR.

7. Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake

The Damdama Lake in the Haryana district was formed by a depression in the Aravalli Hills. One of the biggest natural lakes in the state of Haryana is called Damdama Lake, and it is tucked away between the Aravallis.

8. Buddha Jayanti Park

Buddha Jayanti Park

Enjoy a fun-filled day with your loved ones while spending time in the lush nature. A 2.5-meter-tall statue of the Buddha sitting represents the gratitude of the Tibetan people and is located in Buddha Jayanti Park.

This is situated atop a waterway system that is constructed on a square platform surrounded by a stone wall and a route known as the Parikrama. You shouldn’t miss it because it’s one of Delhi’s greatest locations for a picnic.

9. India Gate 

India Gate 

Iconic in every way! India Gate is a famous picnic location in Delhi. India Gate’s impressive building is complemented by lovely grass where you can erect a little picnic area. Grab a blanket, stuff yourself with popcorn and ice cream, and enjoy yourself while playing games outside. 

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10. Tarudhan Valley

Tarudhan Valley

For those who can afford it, this one. A golf resort called Tarudhan Valley is situated close to Delhi. If you want to play golf, this 9-hole golf resort is everything you have been seeking. 

The Tarudhan Valley, encircled by the Aravali Hills, is a historic orchard full of fruit and flowers. A spa within the building will be the icing on the cake! For individuals hoping to spend a quiet weekend, it’s a wise decision.

11. Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

Partygoers’ favourite place is Hauz Khas Village. However, the Tughlaq Fort ruins are a stunning sight when they are flanked by vegetation and a body of water.

Hauz Khas Village is an excellent illustration of how the city’s older and modern sections interact. You may cuddle up with a book by the lakeside and watch the captivating sunset. The restaurants and bars stay open late, but the fort closes at 7 PM.

12. Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb

Delhi is home to many exquisite old buildings. Among them is the Tomb of Humayun. Constructed in 1570, Humayun’s Tomb was positioned in the middle of a Charbagh designed in the Persian style. There are more mausoleums inside the complex, all of which are stunning in their flawless symmetry and composed of marble and red sandstone. 

It’s the perfect picnic location in Delhi because of the verdant grounds and picturesque surroundings. Enjoy some sandwiches, and coffee, and sit on the grass while taking in this architectural wonder.

13. Deer Park 

Deer Park 

Are you looking for the Best Places for Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR? Deer Park is a young Delhiite’s favourite spot because it’s the ideal location for spending time in nature. One of the greatest places in Delhi to arrange a picnic is this park, which is situated right in the middle of Hauz Khas hamlet.

It is made up of an enclosed heritage monument area, a lake, rabbit farms, a duck park, an art market, and deer parks. When they want to escape the dust and filth of the city, Delhites love to hang out with their pals here.

14. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van, a park in South Delhi, is home to a variety of bird species, including the Asian koel, purple sunbird, and white-breasted kingfisher. There is a 20-kilometer riding track that winds through the forest, making it an excellent location for riders. Enjoy rock climbing and bird watching while you’re here. It is a well-liked spot for picnics in Delhi where you can arrange a day trip.

15. Purana Qila

Purana Qila

Also called Old Fort, Purana Qila defines history, legacy, and old-world elegance. Students, families, and lovers come to this well-known picnic area in Delhi to decompress and rest amid the lush surroundings.

There is much inside to keep you interested aside from this. Visit this fort to see the magnificent Mughal architecture and the turbulent history of Delhi, whether or not you are a history buff.


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