10 Best Cafes that serve delicious pasta in Delhi NCR


Pasta is a popular staple of Italian culture that is enjoyed by individuals of any age on all occasions. Our mood is affected by how our pasta looks; if it tastes awful, our mood is damaged for the rest of the day. Delightful and fresh White sauce pasta, on the other hand, has the power to convert a poor day into a wonderful one. Who wouldn’t want creamy and delectable pasta at an affordable price? Let’s look at several places in Delhi NCR where you may have delicious White sauce Pasta and Mixed sause Pasta without exceeding your budget.


delicious White sauce pasta in Delhi NCR

Here is a list of the 10 Best Cafes that serve delicious Pasta in Delhi NCR

Big Chill Cafe

Big Chill Café is a monastery if pasta is a devotion! That’s how famous this Italian restaurant is in town. We Dilliwalas are huge lovers of their addicting, delectable Italian fare. Soups, salads, bruschettas, paninis, White sauce pasta, rice dishes, kinds of ravioli, pizzas, milkshakes, and pastries are all on the menu. Their pasta dishes are wonderfully cooked and are among the most popular in Delhi. Spicy Chicken Pasta and Fusilli Chicken Piri Piri are must-orders! Big Chill is one the top restaurants that serve best pasta in Delhi NCR.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen serves delicious White sauce Pasta in Delhi NCR

Olive Bar & Kitchen is one of the most elegant and premium Italian bistros in town, nestled gently in a Mehrauli enclave. It never fails to surprise its customers, from the luxurious atmosphere to the inventive menu. We enjoy their White sauce pasta, Artichoke ‘Cacio e Pepe,’ a basic penne pasta baked in parmesan broth and served with artichoke butter and cream.

Rose Cafe

This insanely beautiful bistro, located in a quiet part of Saket, serves one of the best White sauce pasta and Mixed sauce pasta in Delhi. Besides portions of pasta, they also have a whole section dedicated to delicious meals, which includes pizzas, pastries, sandwiches, and simply delectable pastries. We particularly enjoyed their Spaghetti with Sausages and Pasta Aglio Olio, both of which are must-order items!

The Society Cafe

This small bistro in South Extension 2 serves delectable pasta. It is one of the most pleasant locations to eat delicious pasta at an inexpensive price due to its lovely decor and amazing tunes playing at the same time. This cafe also offers a range of other delicious items.

The Big Yellow Door

The Big Yellow Door

The restaurant provides delicious pasta and hamburgers. Because it is close to the North Campus, it is one of the most popular destinations for college students as it is a budget friendly cafe . The decor and staff are also excellent. Butter chicken spaghetti, mixed sauce pasta, and many other options are available. Their pasta is one of the best in Delhi NCR!

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Hungry-I is a modest cafe in Noida Sector-44 that serves a wide range of meals to its guests. They also have a huge selection of pasta available, which is popular among guests due to the way it tastes and the low price at which it is provided. The lovely atmosphere and good service are a bonus points to the venue.


The small and uppish French bistro, triumphantly placed right next to Gargi and KNC, is one of the favorite haunts of those who can’t enjoy enough Italian food. It has overwhelmed us for choice with a large selection of portions of pasta. We’re salivating over its Baked Pasta, which is penne mixed in tomato sauce and cheese sauce and cooked to deliciousness in their wood-fire oven!

Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box is a café where every one may obtain their favorite meal from a range of cuisines under one beautiful roof. This warm, pleasant, and inviting cafe, which was previously located in Hauz Khas, has been renovated and is now located in our favorite Khan Market! OTB made our list because of its delicious pasta, which makes up a significant portion of the menu. Their specialties are a must-try, stirring up plates of pasta that are different from the norm, such as Gamberetti Pomodoro and Fusilli with Thick Pesto Sauce.

Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli, a prominent European eatery in town, is fantastic for all the correct purposes. This all-time classic European cafe boasts wonderful decor and cozy meals, as well as an array of White sauce pasta! When you visit, you can make your own Masterchef Pasta by selecting your pasta, marinara, and garnishes! Wow! You should also get the wild mushroom and truffle spaghetti.

Munch Nation

Munch Nation is a tiny café in Kamla Nagar that serves wonderful Chinese food as well as casual dining. This little spot is ideal for taking a break from your shopping in Kamla Nagar to eat some wonderful meals without exceeding your budget (it’s that cheap). This restaurant serves a range of pasta that are suitable for any celebration. It has six locations in the Delhi NCR.

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