7 Tips to Help Prevent Obesity in Children & Maintain Healthy Weight

7 Tips to Help Children Maintain A Healthy Weight and Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children has become a new topic of discussion among parents as it has continued to rise over the past two decades. Obesity in children is a major threat as it comes with future health risks. There can possibly be only one way to keep your child healthy if you take the necessary steps in helping them developing healthy eating habits and limiting their temptations for calorie-rich and sugary foods.

Apart from keeping your child away from such foods, you can also encourage them for physical activities, reducing their screen time, and getting adequate sleep. It is our duty to keep an eye on our child whether he/she isn’t gaining too much weight and have to make sure that our children are not placed on a weight reduction diet without consulting a health care provider.

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  1. Stop introducing junk foods to your children

    Nowadays, obesity in children is quite common majorly because the world is full of a lot of eating options that anyone can easily grab a bite whenever he/she is starving. But do you know that the outside food we are allowing our kids to eat is not healthy enough as most of it comes under the category of junk food? Children are habitual to junk foods like chips, chocolates, burgers, pizzas, aerated drinks, and more. This stuff contains trans-fat, sugar, oxygenated oils, and much more. If our children are now habitual to junk foods then it was our mistake that we didn’t stop them in the beginning. But still, we can do our best to encourage them to stop eating junk foods and overcome obesity.

  2. Ensure adequate sleep
    It is always recommended that children need more sleep than adults and the amount of sleep varies by age. If your child is having an inadequate amount of sleep then this may lead to obesity as less sleep makes them eat more. So, in order to break the chain of building a habit of overeating by being awake at night, then we have to ask our children off to bed early and it will improve their sleeping habits.


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  1. Develop healthy eating habits
    Start encouraging your child to start eating healthy food. To make that happen, you can provide plenty of green vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products. But above all this, the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy is to consume a lot of water daily. If a person consumes water in an appropriate amount then he will always remain healthy. Along with the intake of water, you have to limit the consumption of sugar and saturated fat in your child’s diet.

  2. Be a Veg-Hero for your child
    Children imitate their parents and learn from their actions. If you being a parent of your child dislikes green vegetables, then your child will also start disliking the same vegetable as you do. If you want your child to enjoy eating green vegetables, then you have to become a Veg-Hero for him/her.


  1. Reduce screen time

Today, children are more into watching Television, playing video games, or surfing the internet. They don’t know about the outside world and this is the most disturbing topic for parents nowadays. In order to stop this, parents have to encourage their children to move out by limiting their time which they are spending on smart devices, or in fact, they should go out and enjoy with their children in parks and other public places and teach them about their surroundings.Habits To Healthy Relationship With Social Media 

6.Encourage your child for outdoor activities

Make your children involved in fun activities like playing indoor sports, adventure sports, outdoor sports, and much more. Running can be a good habit to lose some weight and inculcate some healthy habit in your child. Any activity that demands a lot of sweat and building of core strength will always be beneficial in maintaining a healthy body for your child.Depression in Children More Than Ever, Know Why?