8 Hidden Benefits of Eating Makhane( Fox nuts)


Fox nuts or should we say ‘Makhane’, as its locally called in India, makes up for as a majorly popular ingredient in Indian cuisine popular. Be it sweets, kheer, raita or even makhana curry, makhane are present everywhere around us. Are we aware of the hidden benefits of eating makhane(foxnuts)?

This vast amount of land generates 1.2 million tons of makhane annually. After processing, the yield of 40,000 million tons of makhane is popped, stored and transported to various parts of India. Major producers include North Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur and parts of West Bengal. 


Being used in huge quantities, India is a major producer of these Fox nuts. We grow, cultivate and circulate them as well throughout the globe. Now, it does have some unique benefits which common folks are unaware of, let’s take a look at that.


Helps Diabetic Patients

Makhane seeds are beneficial for diabetic patients. Eating them maintains the sugar level in the body. The glycemic index, which helps in determining how your body reacts to sugar intake, remains low when you eat something like Makhane. Additionally, Makhane helps in providing essential oils for your body as well.

Maintaining Heart Rate Levels 

Makhane is responsible for maintaining heart rate levels and preventing heart-related diseases. It maintains the cholesterol level in the body increase which is a major cause of many cardiac problems.

Controls Stress Levels

People experiencing high stress and hypertension can consume them with milk every night. It has high potassium and low sodium in them which helps in reducing stress levels.

Bone Strengthening

Individuals who have a low bone density or have osteoporosis can also have them. Regular intake in small quantities can help you in bone strengthening. Also, there is seemingly an increase in the number of malnutrition children, and the intake of products such as Makhane which are relatively affordable and rich in nutrients can solve such problems.

Keeps You Young And Fit

Makhane is responsible for slowing down the aging process of your body. Consuming makhane helps in repair and rebuild of damaged proteins and tissues in the body, fastening the recovery process.

It can also be taken by someone who is looking out to build a fitness regimen. Additionally, it can be used for weight loss too as it forms a major part of weight-loss diets in India.

Relief from Joint Pain And Inflammation

By makhane, joint pain and arthritis patients can ease their pain level. It contains kaempferol, which is also present in coffee and helps in inflammation and Joint pain.

Rich Source of Energy

A regular amount of makhane intake during one of your meals, let’s say during your breakfast will help you consume a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. Makhane contains just the right amount of carbs that needed to be consumed. 

This will keep you energetic till your next meal intake. The gluten-free feature in the lotus seeds ensures high-quality energy without taking in much of waste products inside your body.

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