Top 10 Productive Things to do This Lockdown and Keep Yourself Engaged



Is this lockdown taking you down the memory lane of sitting your life down for long periods of time? Is the pandemic sabotaging your plans and making your life miserable yet again?


Hold your horses, while you might be venting, know that the second wave is ten times worse than the first and we are lucky we are not one of the dying patients in the government hospitals. However, life does get boring but worry not, your life does not end where every episode on Netflix ends until you completely run out of them.

Top 10 Productive Things to do This Lockdown and Keep Yourself Engaged

Here are some fun productive things that we came up with for you:

  • Set Goals

Being productive depends on the small everyday goals you set for yourself. Consistency is key in order to achieve your goals ; be it your exercise and diet routine, work etc. Breaking down a big task into smaller ones can help you feel accomplished and stay motivated.

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  • Learn a new language

With many language apps and online tutorials available for free, here is your chance to find time to lean a new language, and add it to your set of skills.

  • Take a course

Take up an online certificate course, or a diploma in any field suitable for you. It will help you grow and strengthen your resume. Many online platforms offer courses in various subjects on various levels.Top Skills You Can Learn From Youtube in Lockdown Period

  • Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to engage in something while expanding your mind. There are a variety of podcast discussions to choose from!

  • Learn how to play an instrument

It’s always lovely to know how to play an instrument. Whatever music you are into, whatever instrument you are passionate to learn, creates a positive atmosphere with the vibrations.

  • Start reading

Perhaps one of the most important factors to help you grow. Spend time reading editorials, Sunday magazine articles , books that catch your eye. Keep reading and make it a healthy habit. Cheers to happy endings!Best Self-Help Books Of All Time To Your Rescue

  • Learn how to cook

This can be a great opportunity to try out delicious new recipes and engage in some family cooking time.

  • Organize and declutter

You can organize the photos in your mobile, and unfollow social media accounts that are negatively impacting you. Declutter your mobile, this will surely help!

  • Clean your home

Living and working in a clean space automatically motivates you to do more. Why don’t you set up a routine to do the windows, dusting and most importantly, make your bed!

  • Take up photography

Capture your moments with your loved ones, the food you make, write a little poem under each picture to remember what this means for you, to establish your perspective.Canva 101: How To Use Canva To Edit Pictures For Beginners

Let’s be grateful for our privileges and do best what we can by helping others in need. Turn  off those news channels and channelize that energy into something good. And it is okay if you’re not productive at all, just stay home and don’t be harsh on yourself.


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