11 Best Italian Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now


We often associate Italian movies with romance, intimacy, love and drama. However, the best Italian movies to watch on Netflix disprove this common notion as you can stream Italian films that are thrilling, adventurous filled with horror and more on the OTT platform. Here we have listed the best Italian movies that you should watch on Netflix if you like streaming good and diverse content.

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11 Best Italian Movies to Watch on Netflix

1- A Breath of Fresh Air


This Italian movie is a family drama that focuses on two estranged brothers. Salvo wants to save his pizzeria while his brother wants to save the family farm. They are forced to come together when their father dies. This heart-touching drama is surely one of the best Italian movies to watch on Netflix.

2- A Classic Horror Story

We bet most of you haven’t yet seen an Italian horror movie. This classic horror story follows a group of strangers travelling to Southern Italy stranded in the woods where they must fight to stay alive.

3- Jumping From High Places

A young woman having severe anxiety issues decides to confront her problems after her best friend who wished to see her happy dies. The woman then sets out to live a life that can fulfil the last wish of her best friend. This emotional drama is one of the best Italian movies released recently.

4- Yara

Those who love investigative dramas and courtroom thrillers will definitely find this film fascinating. It follows a prosecutor who gets entangled in the case of a missing girl and goes to extreme lengths to uncover the truth. What makes this Italian film more interesting is that it’s based on real events.

5- The Last Paradiso

Set in the 1950s this Italian romantic drama is about a man who seeks love, justice and a better life until a forbidden affair threatens to demolish all his dreams. This classic tale of love and betrayal is a must-watch Italian film on Netflix.

6- Rose Island

An engineer sets out to do the unthinkable and succeeds in it by building an island by himself off the coast of Italy. He declares it a nation which attracts the attention of the government and the world. It’s one of the most interesting Italian movies to watch right now.

7- Under the Riccione Sun

Well, this one is your stereotypical Italian romantic movie and what can we say we are still drawn to Italian flicks filled with romance. It follows a group of teens who help each other manage their love lives during summer vacation.

8- Baggio: The Divine Ponytail

Soccer is a huge phenomenon in Italy and it’s fairly reasonable that one of the best Italian movies on Netflix is about a football legend. This film based on a true story follows the life of soccer player Roberto Baggion from his struggling days and glory to the adoption of Buddhism.

9- The Hand of God

In 1980s Naples a young man suffering from heartbreak is saved by the football Diego Maradon from a freak accident which helps him shape his career as an aspiring footballer. This is an emotional and inspirational Italian movie.

10- The Players

This Italian romantic drama deals with male infidelity. It follows two cheating husbands and their ultimate realisation of the follies they are committing. The film is filled with comedy and funny scenes.

11- The Ruthless

One of the best Italian movies in the crime genre to watch on Netflix right now, The Ruthless is set in the 1980s and follows a man who becomes a feared criminal in the underworld by joining the Mafia.


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