7 Best Hollywood Hot Movie List | Know Where to Watch


You must be impatient to know the names that we have included in this Hollywood Hot Movie List and where you can find them and watch to have an engrossing two hours or so. We promise the hottest Hollywood movies listed here will surely satisfy all your guilty pleasures. Without further let’s begin our Hollywood hot movie list.

Hollywood hot movie

7 Best Hollywood Hot Movie List and the OTT Platforms Where You Can Watch Them Now:

1- Striptease

Demi Moore the hot actress was way ahead of her time. She gave a bold and fearless performance in this critically acclaimed Hollywood hot movie. It follows a stripper who gets entangled in a murder mystery due to a politician. You can watch this steamy Hollywood flick on Amazon Prime Video right now.

2- Allure

This is another Hollywood hot movie that received widespread critical fame. The film’s plot is concerned with a house cleaner Laura who grows closers to a teenager Eva. Laura convinces Eva to run away with her and together they find certain truths along the way that threatens to shake their love life. This hot Hollywood movie is also streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

3- The Voyeurs

Another Hollywood hot movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video in India. This flick follows a young couple who gets fascinated by the intimate life of their neighbours and their pastime gradually converts into an obsession when they discover that the couple next door is not faithful to each other.

4- Fifty Shades of Grey

It is easily one of the most popular Hollywood hot movie to ever release in India. The film follows a wealthy man and a naive college student who gets involved in an intimate relationship in which eroticism is heightened through some extremes. You can watch it now on Netflix.

5- Addicted

Zoe, a mother of two has a fulfilled life with a loving husband and a successful career. However, this is not enough to satisfy her as she starts to get involved in casual hookups with other men than her husband. This Hollywood hot movie is available to watch on Netflix.

6- Newness

Many of you might not have ever heard of this Hot Hollywood movie on Netflix. It follows a couple who gets into a relationship after meeting through a hookup app. However, soon they feel the spark is lacking and try out an unconventional way to spice things up.

7- Indecent Proposal

A woman named Diana is in deep confusion when a billionaire offers to give her a huge amount of money if she spends a night with her. Diana needs the cash as her husband is in trouble. Will she risk it all? You can watch this Hollywood hot movie on Netflix.

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