Step-by-Step guide for using Instagram slang


You will not be able to reach your Instagram audience unless you communicate in their language. Whether you own an internet business or are just a regular gram user, learning Instagram slang can help you blend in with the crowd. One of the easiest methods to engage with followers and generate likes is to use tags, acronyms, and even slang. TBT, WCW, and MCM are some frequent Instagram Slang or phrases that can be somewhat puzzling at first, but if you accept them, you can simply use them for marketing reasons on Instagram.

AMA is a famous Instagram Slang nowadays

New slang words are appearing at an unprecedented rate. The younger generation is forward-thinking and actively seeks shortcuts throughout all facets of life, including interaction. TBH, LMK, omg, DYK, and other abbreviations that appear regularly in social media headlines and comments are practically hard to interpret.

If you want to market your goods or services, it’s even more important to improve your Instagram game and learn Gen Z kids’ common language. You will not be successful until you grasp the culture and the language of the intended audience. This helpful guide is for you if you’re a rookie on Instagram trying to work out the complicated vocabulary of social media or a seasoned veteran eager to learn something fresh.

Here are some of the famous Instagram Slang that is used by the new generation


Ask me anything is a phrase used when someone intends to answer queries about themselves honestly and immediately. AMA is commonly used to kick off a long talk or comments section.


Throwback Thursday can be found on Instagram stories or feeds when individuals share an old reminiscence photo with the hashtag #TBT.


“In my opinion” is Instagram slang that allows users to convey that they are merely expressing their perspective


OOTD Slang

If you prefer to show off new ensembles even when you’re at home, utilize OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day. You can publish your new attire with a new style that will pique the curiosity of your fans and encourage them to like your post.


When describing a reaction depicted in a particular picture, GIF, or clip that was shared. Most people exclaim ”That moment when” to express surprise, happiness, sorrow, or another powerful feeling.


People enjoy sharing photos of their food. So, if you enjoy sharing different images of your food and drink, including the hashtag #Foodporn in your post will attract more likes and followers from people who search for content using this terminology.

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WCW Instagram slang

This Instagram slang is likely to have popped up in an uncommon post. WCW is for Woman Crush Wednesday, and it is a day when Instagram users upload photographs of the ladies they love the most. So, whether you admire your mom, spouse, sister, or any other woman in your world, share a photo and tag it with WCW to get it recognized.


Man Crush Monday is Instagram slang for posting pictures of your favorite guy on Monday. You, like ladies, can share a photograph of someone you respect.


A hat tip is a manner of thanking someone for sharing a link, picture, meme, or another item of shared material.


Me in real life usually alludes to how the writer or responder may relate to the post’s topic.


Photographers commonly use the phrase “Photo of the Day.” They gain more love reactions and views by utilizing this Instagram slang.


F4F slang

This Instagram slang, which signifies Follow for Follow, is essential for increasing the number of followers on your page. If you operate a page, include this FAF as a hashtag so that people searching for material using this slang will find your page.


This abbreviation is frequently used in the expression slip into their DMs. This suggests they attempted to casually privately chat with someone they are interested in, or that someone did similar things to them.


When you urge people to follow you in return for something, this is known as a shoutout for a shoutout. For example, if any of your subscribers ask you to share their tales on your profile in exchange for you sharing theirs on theirs, use S4S. This is done to stimulate participation in both accounts.


IGer is merely another term for someone who utilizes Instagram.


Nofilter slang

When an image is uploaded without any processing or filters, the hashtag #nofilter is used. It frequently appears in pictures or films about personality or self-image, particularly in instances of personal fragility.

Transformation Tuesday

On Tuesday, most fitness-related pages managed by healthcare organizations employ this terminology to urge people. If you enjoy working out, exhibit your transformation photo or video on a Tuesday.


It is the most widely used Instagram lingo on the internet, particularly on Instagram. When there is a funny picture on the feed, the phrase LMAO is utilized.


YOLO is an acronym that stands for You Only Live Once. People who share inspiring videos and text use this terminology to express themselves.


Several pet-related Instagram pages employ this lingo. If you have a pet and enjoy uploading pet videos, utilize this terminology to increase the number of likes and views.


If you have nothing planned for Sunday and just want to relax, snap and upload a picture to add SelfieSunday. Even if you’re out drinking or touring on a Sunday, you can utilize this lingo.


The goal of Gram of the Day is to help your picture stand out. Many of the most popular Instagram profiles are looking for the best photos to promote. Whether it’s a quotation or a picture, using Gram of the Day will increase the number of likes and comments on your post.

Final Verdict

Instagram users, like these, create new language to enhance the appearance of their images. Remember that employing these Instagram slang terms correctly will result in more likes and views. As a result, you must keep up with new Instagram slang words to employ.

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