10 Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation


CAT the common aptitude test for MBA is one of the toughest exams in the world. The difficulty level of this exam is so high that it has been ranked as one of the most difficult entrance exams in the world. Cracking CAT is a dream for many Indians who wish to get enrolled in a good MBA university or institution like IIM or FMS. Here we have listed the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation that will help you ace all segments of the exam including the highly difficult quantitative aptitude section. So, without further adieu, let’s dive right in.

cat preparation youtube chanels

10 Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation Right Now

1- CAT King


CAT King is the best YouTube channel for CAT preparation right now. By following this channel one can create an entire goal map of how to tackle the cat preparations. No matter which area you feel difficulty in you will certainly be helped by watching the videos on this channel. It’s also highly recommended for those CAT aspirants who have difficulty solving questions relating to quantitative aptitude.

2- Shweta Arora

Started by Shweta Arora this channel has helped several MBA aspirants in their journey by keeping them up to date with the latest news about the CAT exam. Also, she suggests some of the best books and methods that will help you crack the CAT examination. And if you feel a lack of motivation then again you will find her helpful as she helps in building the confidence of the youth as well through her videos.

3- The IIM Guy

This is easily one of the most interesting YouTube channels for CAT preparation right now. One can know about how an MBA graduate’s life shapes us after the course work is done and how CAT can be cracked by individuals by following a few suggestions that the IIM Guy puts forward.

4- Konversations by InsideIIM

This is an inspiring YouTube channel for CAT preparation. The real-life interviews of MBA folks who have gotten astonishing percentile in CAT exams are available to watch on this channel. One can plan their strategy by listening to the stories of these CAT toppers. It is one of the most influential YouTube channels for CAT preparation.

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5- Learn4Exam

Started by IIT alumni in combination with IIM alumni, Learn4Exam has emerged as one of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation in India in a recent couple of years. This channel is brilliant for those who want to prepare extensively about each section including the toughest quantitative aptitude section in CAT exams.

6- Studybuzz Education- MBA Preparation

You can prepare for each section of the CAT exam including logical reasoning, quantitative ability, verbal ability and reading comprehension with this YouTube channel which is highly dedicated to bringing the best possible plans to combat each section. Also, they put out mock papers and previous years’ question papers to make an MBA aspirant realise what he should expect from the CAT exam.

7- Unacademy CAT-alyst for MBA Exam Preparation

Unacademy is without a doubt one of the industry leaders when it comes to educating people for cracking various types of exams in India. This particular channel is designed especially for MBA aspirants. They broadcast live videos on various topics and seek people’s opinions and let people ask questions to clear their doubts. This makes it one of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation.

8- 2IIM CAT preparation

You can already guess by the name that this YouTube channel is highly dedicated to making people prepare for the CAT examination. Their videos are short and crips and always on point. The best thing about this channel is that they don’t waste an MBA aspirant’s time by spouting nonsense. Certainly one of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation in India.

9- Rodha

If you want last-minute tips to ace the quantitative aptitude section or you want advice on how to tackle the verbal ability section, this is the channel for you. Rodha is for those who want to get let last-minute spurt to ace the CAT examination. It does not mean that you have to wait until the last minute to actually start viewing the videos on this YouTube channel.

10- CAT Preparation: Percentilers

Last but not least on the list of best YouTube channels for CAT preparation is this channel which has gained a loyal viewership with every passing day. It’s fairly new and not that known by many but we guarantee that you will find this channel helpful in your MBA journey. Their series of CAT quant questions of the day is something which can be very useful for you.


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