How to Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral? Here are the Best Tips

Best Tips and Tricks to Make Your YouTube Shorts Go Viral


YouTube has emerged as one of the best source for content creators and influencers to earn money. By making engaging content and gaining a wide following, YouTubers are earning millions. Now people from all spheres of the works are creating their YouTube channels to go viral and start earning online. However, it’s not easy to gain a lot of viewers and subscriptions on YouTube. The top YouTubers in India have spent many years to get to the place where they are right now. One of the best ways to quickly build and popularise your YouTube channel is to make use of YouTube shorts.

Similar to Instagram reels, YouTube shorts are videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. YouTube has introduced a separate section called shorts in its app and website to show its users the latest and trending videos. Many creators have used the YouTube shorts to go viral in a short amount of time. Here we have listed the best ways with which you can use the YouTube shorts to go viral.

How to Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral? Here are the Best Tips

Creating YouTube shorts related to trending topics is one of the best ways of getting viral on the YouTube. This does not mean that you start creating videos related to politics or any other field which does not relate to your niche just because that topic is in trend. You have to find what is trending in your domain and create YouTube shorts on that to go viral.

2. Collaboration With Fellow YouTubers

Collaborating with a YouTuber, who has the same niche as you could make you go viral. You can ask a fellow YouTuber to collaborate with you and both of you can end up gaining subscribers with your collaboration. YouTube shorts is one of the most convenient ways to start a collaboration as it will be a video of only 60 seconds in which you won’t have to spend a lot of time.

Using trending songs or audios in the background is also another way of getting viral through YouTube shorts. Similar to Instagram reels, the trending audios on YouTube could help your YouTube shorts go boom. However, before using any audio, check out the issues relating to copyright. A few media houses do not allow people to use their audios for YouTube shorts and videos.

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4. Making Use of Effects

Make use of all the effects and keep an eye on future updates to latch on to the new features of YouTube shorts. Being the first one to use new features will fascinate your viewers and help your video go viral. It is always about getting the attention of your users with either good content or cool technics. Once in a while, you should rely on cool technics to do the job.

5. Make Use of YouTube Live

You can also use the option of going live on YouTube. This will help you interact with your community. Get the suggestions from your subscribers and make YouTube shorts accordingly to increase your reliability. Ultimately, a solid subscription base will lead to your YouTube shorts going viral.


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