10 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies to Watch for Free on YouTube

Here are some hilarious Punjabi comedy movies to watch on YouTube for free


If you’re in the mood for some hilarious Punjabi entertainment, look no further than the plethora of comedy movies available for free on YouTube. Punjabi cinema has produced several gems that guarantee non-stop laughter and rib-tickling moments. YouTube has some of the latest Punjabi comedy movies streaming for completely free that you should watch at least once.

10 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies to Watch for Free on YouTube

10 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies to Watch for Free on YouTube

1- Ji Wife Ji

Two men find themselves overwhelmed by the dominant women in their household and devise a scheme to arrange a marriage for their sister-in-law, hoping that introducing another man will shift the power dynamics. However, despite their efforts, the situation at home remains unchanged, prompting the three individuals to seek external assistance to address their ongoing predicaments. The hilarious turn of events in this Punjabi comedy will surely promote you to look for other comedies like this streaming for free on YouTube.


2- Honeymoon

When a couple eagerly embarks on their honeymoon, their anticipated romantic getaway takes an unexpected emotional twist. The journey takes a surprising turn as their family members unexpectedly decide to join them, transforming the trip into a festive gathering to celebrate a significant land deal. This new Punjabi comedy movie is streaming for free on YouTube in 2023.

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3- Guddiyan Patole

Two Canadian-based sisters make a nostalgic journey back to their ancestral village to reconnect with their maternal family. However, the situation takes a hilarious turn when, unexpectedly, they find themselves embarking on an impromptu adventure with their beloved grandmother. As they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of their village, laughter and amusing incidents follow them wherever they go. This hilarious Punjabi comedy movie is a must watch in this list of films streaming for free on YouTube.

4- Jatt Brothers

A spirited rivalry ignites between inseparable best friends, Jaggi and Pamma, as they embark on a relentless quest to win the hearts of their beloved women. Their determination knows no bounds as they go to extraordinary measures to captivate and impress their respective love interests. In this fervent battle for affection, laughter and chaos intertwine as Jaggi and Pamma find themselves in a series of outrageous situations and comedic mishaps.

5- Mr and Mrs 420

Deputy, a passionate young man with dreams of becoming an actor like Dharmendra, finds himself settling for the role of Surpanakha in the local Ramlila due to limited opportunities in his acting career. On the other hand, his friend Jass, who is also unemployed, is deeply in love with a young woman who makes it clear that she will only marry him if he secures a job. Hilarity ensues when they decide to somehow achieve their goals. Definitely, among the best Punjabi comedy to watch for free on YouTube.

6- Lucky Di Unlucky Story

Lucky and his three friends live a carefree life until he meets and falls in love with Seerat. However, a series of unfortunate events prevents them from marrying. This Punjabi comedy movie will keep you laughing out loud with its hilarious and outrageous events that make no sense at times.

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7- Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo

This amusing comedy film streaming for free on YouTube is a Punjabi example of West-East reconciliation. The film is about Roop, a Punjabi boy who comes from a family that hates Englishmen. Roop falls in love with and wishes to marry a Caucasian girl. Fearful of his father, he enlists the assistance of his brother, Kala Singh, to persuade him to agree to the marriage.

8- Saunkan Saunkne

Nirmal and Naseeb have a happy marriage. Even after 8 years of marriage, they have no children. Nirmal agrees to a second marriage with her younger sister Kirna at the suggestion of her mother-in-law. Sharing her husband is proving difficult for Naseeb. And so the squabbles between the two wives begin, leading to a comic situation. This is among the most popular Punjabi comedy movie to watch for free on YouTube.

9- Krazzy Tabbar

Bittu, a young village boy, falls in love with Saumya, a modern city girl. The boy sets out to impress her family and prove his worth in order to win her hand in marriage. Bittu’s attempt turn into comical situations that will keep you laughing for long. Surely, one of the top Punjabi comedy movies to watch on YouTube for free.

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10- Jatt Airways

Two brothers fall in love with two sisters and decide to marry them. However, hilarity ensues when they begin to hate each other due to some misunderstandings. This film wraps up our list of best Punjabi comedy movies to watch for free on YouTube.


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