Top Romcom Movies On Netflix You Should Be Watching Right Now


 Romcom movies (romantic-comedies) you can’t help it but only fall in love with them. Maybe your taste brings you to fiction, non-fiction or thriller, but seeing classic romcom movies surely brings everyone back to life again. And while all the pandemic is still present, it is no harm to watch a happy ending movie, isn’t it?

To help your quarantine and throw your boredom out of the window, here are the top romcom movies that will bring your inner child out back and cheer you up with a whole-heartedly vibes again. 

Romcom Movies

Sleeping with Other People 

One of the best romcoms of the decade, “Sleeping with Other People” showcase the life of a couple who hadn’t been in touch since college. After years pass by and still nothing to cling upon their respective relationships. They decide to change things up and have a friendship. Nothing more.

Of course, things get complicated. 

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Scent of a Woman

One of the best classics of all time, Scent of a Woman brings the life of a college student who is in dire need of money. Connecting to his neighborhood, he agrees upon babysitting for an old colonel, who lost his eyesight. Little does the boy know that but the job is not at all what he anticipated.


Obvious Child 

Obvious Child brings you the life of an unemployed comedienne’s unplanned pregnancy. Nothing to get her hands on, the movie shows the story of the life of womanhood and motherhood, both at the same time while tackling the sensitive subject with maturity, honesty, and whole new theme of humor. 


The Lovebirds 

The Lovebirds portray the life of a young couple who are on a brink of a breakup. All set to fall apart, the two become involved in a bizarre murder. The two spend a wild night attempting to clear their names and find the killer. The Lovebirds is a new-age romantic comedy with a classic touch of wit and humor. 


Valentine’s Day 

Ensembling a great star cast, Valentine’s Day showcase the life of inter whining couples and singles who are in desperate need to get into a relationship. A series of love duo, breakups, and a lot more of humor, no doubt Valentine’s Day was the biggest rom-com hit of that year. 


The Incredible Jessica James 

The Incredible Jessica James shows the life of Jessica and Boone, who have received a heartbreak from a strong relationship (Well, Supposedly!). Nothing in common except a breakup, our two protagonists experience the life of the “post-relationship” world in every possible and fulfilling manner. 


Chasing Amy 

Chasing Amy is another classic hit which introduces to two comic artists, Holden and Banky. Everything was going smoothly until Holden met Alyssa. The trio is mixed in their professional and personal lives, and lightning struck when comes to know that Alyssa is more inclined towards “Women”. 


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a popular Netflix series that is based upon the trilogy of the popular novel of the same name. The story portrays the life of Lara Jean Song-Covey, a teenage shy girl who, now, wants to open about her personal life by writing letters to all the crushes she has ever had. Ironical, isn’t it!


Silver Linings Playbook 

Silver Linings Playbook revolves around the life of Mat, who had spent eight months in a mental institution when he attacked his wife’s lover. After living in normalcy, Mat, now, wants to reconcile with his ex-wife. Planning everything well, the story takes 180-degree change when he meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with her own personal issues. 

So,  these are cute romcom movies you can enjoy watching during this lockdown in this beautiful weather.

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