7 Best Malayalam Comedy Movies to Watch on YouTube for Free

Check out the best Malayalam comedy movies to watch on YouTube for free.


If you’re in the mood for some laughter, Malayalam cinema has a rich collection of comedy movies that are available for free on YouTube. These films are renowned for their unique humor, witty dialogues, and talented comedic actors, making them a perfect choice for an entertaining movie night. The list below contains some of the top Malayalam comedy movies to watch for free on YouTube.

7 Best Malayalam Comedy Movies to Watch on YouTube for Free

1. My Boss

Priya, feeling mistreated by her boss, devises a plan to secure a promotion by asking her assistant, Manu, to pose as her fiancé. Experiencing his own frustration with the unfair treatment, Manu agrees to play along, intending to exact revenge in a lighthearted and comedic manner. It is a hilarious Malayalam movie that you can stream for free on YouTube.

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2. Sringaravelan

Kannan finds himself deeply enamored with Radhu, the daughter of a formidable urban gangster who holds responsibility for numerous fatalities. To marry his beloved, Kannan must confront perilous situations and conquer a multitude of obstacles that lie in his path. Surely, among the best Malayalam comedy movies to watch on YouTube for free.

3. Pandi Padam

Bhuvana, burdened by debts, has the intention of selling his land to alleviate his financial struggles. Unfortunately, his circumstances take a drastic turn for the worse as he becomes entangled in a fierce conflict for dominance between two rival landlords. This is a classic Malayalam comedy movie that you can watch free on YouTube in 2023.

4. Ramji Rao Speaking

Three unmarried individuals face the challenge of making ends meet as they grapple with unemployment. In an effort to secure fast cash, they come to a collective decision to engage in a plot involving kidnapping. This Malayalam comedy movie was remade in Hindi as Hera Pheri.

5. Mynlanchi Monchulla Veedu

On the day of her wedding, Kasim’s daughter, Waahida, elopes with her boyfriend, Madhavan Kutty. Several years later, Madhavan Kutty, disguising himself as a Muslim gentleman, visits Kasim, who is now paralyzed, to provide medical treatment.

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6. Mannar Mathai Speaking

Mannar Mathai is the leader of a drama troupe where the main actors incessantly engage in conflicts with one another. However, when the troupe’s female lead resigns, the responsibility falls upon the lead actors themselves to locate a suitable replacement. This is among the top Malayalam comedy movies of all time. You can stream it for free on YouTube in 2023.

7. Chunkzz

The destinies of four students studying mechanical engineering, namely Romario, Riyas, Yoodas, and Athmaram, undergo a profound transformation with the arrival of Riya, Romario’s childhood companion, at their college. This latest Malayalam comedy movie is streaming for free on YouTube.


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