10 Best Marathi Web Series to Watch on OTT Platforms in 2022


Looking for good Marathi web series to watch online but finding it difficult to arrive at a decision of selecting a show that can match your demands? Here we have solved this dilemma of you by bringing a list that will help you choose the best Marathi web series to watch on OTT platforms like ZEE5, MX Player and Hotstar.

Best Marathi Web Series

10 Best Marathi Web Series to Watch Online:

1- Date With Saie

This is a thriller Marathi web series that follows a film star who is stalked by an obsessed fan. The stalker places a hidden camera to track every move of her favourite star. However, the actress in question comes to realise this threat to her privacy, and all hell breaks loose. This is one of the best Marathi web series streaming on ZEE5 in 2022.

2- Prem He

Prem He is a good Marathi show that is streaming right now on ZEE5. It follows five different couples in different age groups as they come to terms with their relationship with their spouses and learn various life lessons while solving the issues that arise in their lives. It’s a romantic drama that makes up for a lighthearted watch.

3- Horn OK Please

A romantic comedy Marathi web series that’s also streaming on ZEE5. The show follows a guy and a girl who are exactly opposite of each other and like nothing about their counterpart. However, when they are forced to live together, their differences start to disappear one by one.

4- Samantar

One of the best Marathi web series to watch on MX Player, Samantar is a thriller that will keep you hooked. The show’s synopsis reads, ” What will you do if you find out that someone has lived the exact same life as you and has already made the choices you are making right now? Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

5- Famously Filmfare

This is a Marathi show that you will love if you love to pry into the lives of Bollywood celebrities. The host in this show discusses the life and other things with Bollywood actors and actresses in this talk show. It is streaming on MX Player.

6- Kaale Dhande

It’s a laugh riot. This Marathi web series filled with comedy is a must-watch on this list. The show is streaming on the ZEE5 digital streaming platform. It follows a young photographer whose life is completely changed when he encounters unforeseen situations in his life. A fun show that you don’t want to miss out on.

7- Pandu

Another comedy web series in the Marathi language that will keep you laughing all the time with the antics of two police officers who gets engaged in the hilarious situation while solving crimes. The show is a joyful experience. It is available to stream on MX Player.

8- Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgath

A beautiful love story that has its twists and turns to keep you engaged all the time. This is one of the best Marathi web series in the romantic genre to watch on ZEE5. It follows a wealthy businessman who falls in love with a girl and has difficulty winning her over.

9- Aani Kay Hava

A slice-of-life romantic drama that follows a couple in Pune who manage the daily struggles of life while sparing the energy to love each other. This Marathi show is filled with positivity, warmth and love. It’s streaming on MX Player.

10- Anamika

This is a thriller in the Marathi language that features Sunny Deol, Sonnali Seygall, Rahul Dev and Ayaz Khan in the lead. The show follows Anamika, an intelligence agent who is chased by evil people. Interestingly she has forgotten everything about her past, which raises the tension and stakes in the series. It’s one of the best Marathi web series to watch online on MX Player.

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