Best Romantic Web Series in Hindi on Hotstar in 2023


Do you want to watch Indian romantic web series that can make you cry and laugh at the same time? Are you bored of seeing romantic dramas in English as they can’t replicate the emotional and empathetic aspect of Hindi within their scenes? Well, if the answer to both these questions is yes, then you are in the right place cause you can find the best romantic web series in Hindi on Hotstar in 2022. These love stories in Hindi on Hotstar will make you feel all the emotions you can imagine. The romantic web series in Hindi on Hotstar are better than the ones you have seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Hotstar has better Indian romantic shows than other OTT platforms, as most of its content is targeted toward Indian audiences, while other big digital services are targeting the entire world with their content. The romantic web series streaming in Hindi on Hotstar also have more variety than Prime Video and Netflix. So, get your popcorn to turn on your TV screens and head to Hotstar and go through our list of best romantic web series in Hindi and choose the one which you think will suit your taste and preference.

Here Are The Best Romantic Web Series in Hindi on Hotstar in 2023:

1- Dil Bekaraar

Dil Bekaraar is a romantic Hindi web series on Hotstar that also has a touch of comedy. The series is a heartwarming and feel-good drama that will leave you with feelings of joy. The show follows the shenanigans of Justice Thakur, his wife and their five daughters, who are named alphabetically. It’s a great romance show that should be on your watchlist.

romantic hindi web series hotstar

2- Out of Love

Out of Love is a romantic Indian thriller that stars Mirzapur fame Rasika Dugal, in the pivotal role. The romantic web series is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on Hotstar in 2023. It follows a woman who becomes obsessed with exposing the identity of her husband’s mistress.

out of love romantic web series hindi hotstar

3- Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine is a Hindi dubbed romantic web series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in 2023. The show depicts the life story of three people who each lost one of their loved ones in a building collapse. How they manage their work and relationships in this hard time forms the core of this romantic drama.

hindi dubbed romantic web series hotstar

4- Friends

Friends is a romantic drama co-produced by Japan and South Korea. The romantic web series now streaming on Hotstar tells the story of a Japanese and South Korean who meet each other in Hongkong and promise to keep in touch with each other via email. However, will they be able to stay friends like this, or will their budding love come to an abrupt end, form the core of this series.

romantic show friends hotstar

5- When the Weather is Nice

This is another Korean romantic web series that’s dubbed in Hindi for Indian audiences on Hotstar. The show is a light-hearted romance drama that will keep you smiling all the time. The cheesy moments in the show are just pure guilty pleasure. When the Weather is Nice follows a girl who grows tired of her city life and shifts back to her hometown, where she meets a man who runs a bookshop. They start to fall for each other, and a beautiful love story begins.

korean love story show

6- Snowdrop

Snowdrop is another Korean romantic show dubbed in Hindi and streaming on Hotstar in 2022. The web series follows a university student who decides to step into the dangerous territory of a woman’s dormitory despite knowing the consequences. His bleeding after the happening event is treated by a girl, and their love story commences.

romantic korean drama hotstar

7- Adventure of the Ring

Disney+ Hotstar is filled with Hindi-dubbed Korean romantic web series. Adventure of the Ring is another show that adds to this long list. It follows a couple who are forced to reexamine their priorities after the would-be groom misplaces the ring which he has kept for the proposal. Their adventures with the ring are endearing and heartwarming. This show definitely deserves at least a one-time watch.

hinid dubbed korean show hotstar

8- New Life

New Life is a Turkish romantic drama that’s dubbed in Hindi. The web series streaming on Hotstar in 2022 follows a girl who tries to seduce her bodyguard in order to execute her runaway plan flawlessly.

new life romantic turkish drama hotstar


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