10 Best Hindi Web Series to Watch in November 2022


Indian content makers have produced some incredible, engaging, and riveting works that are gaining steam across India. Indian web series cover every genre, including crime, humour, drama, and adventure. Without further hemming and hawing, let’s take a look at some of the Best Hindi web series that we have selected for you. We are sure that you will enjoy binge-watching them all on the weekends.

Immature 2 is one of the Best Hindi Web series on OTT

Here is a list of the 10 Best Hindi web series to watch in November 2022

Four More Shots Please Season 3

In this miniseries, four unabashedly flawed women live, love, make stupid mistakes, and learn more about themselves via friendships and shots of tequila in contemporary Mumbai. One of the Best Hindi web series to watch on Amazon prime in 2022 is this one. The public greatly loved the first two seasons for presenting youthful, independent modern women.

Social Currency

In Social Currency, the “impact” of 8 well-known social media influencers will be tested in the real life. Without their personal phones, verified handles, or internet fans, they must battle to continue living for 21 days. The champ is the contestant who makes it to the final end. Social Currency is a show based on a unique concept on Netflix.

Hindi Web Series and Movies Releasing on OTT Platforms This Weekend

Rocket Boys Season 2 

This latest web series in Hindi concentrates on the experiences of two outstanding Indian scientists and all the extraordinary circumstances that, in response to their insightful observations, resulted in India’s change. While Dr. Sarabhai took charge of India’s space program, Dr. Bhabha was in charge of the nation’s nuclear program. It’s certainly one of the best Hindi web series to watch on SonyLIV.

College Romance Season 3

Three best friends are the focus of the humorous teen drama series College Romance. The plot revolves around relationships, friendships, conflicts, connections, love, experiences, and a tonne of comedy-filled college lifestyle turmoil. Youngsters can enjoy the popular Hindi web series College Romance on Sony Liv.

Modern Love Mumbai

This Indian online series examines six unusual yet timeless tales of social touch and romance in all of their varied and original manifestations. Self-love, romance, social connections, family ties, sexual stories, parental bonds, and marital satisfaction are all accurately portrayed in the plot. one of the latest Hindi web series on Amazon Prime is a must-watch.

Delhi Crime Season 2 

Vartika Chaturvedi, the DCP who worked with Shefali Shah, is returning, and this time she’s got a grisly series of murders to investigate. Vartika is joined by Neeti Singh and Bhupendra Singh, two of her coworkers. In the second season of Delhi Crime Adil Hussain, Gopal Dutt, Sidharth Bhardwaj, and  Anurag Arora all returned in the same positions. The notorious Kachcha-Banian gang, which operated in regions of North India, is the subject of the television program.

Mismatched Season 2

In the show, Rishi, a traditionalist who is a die-hard sentimental, falls in love with Dimple, a gamer, and finally wants to wed her. However, what happens and the subsequent sequence of events are amazing. The couple’s relationship suffered a breakup at the end of season 1, but they have returned to shock us. This Hindi web series on Netflix is a must-watch.

Gullak 3

Gullak is a collection of familiar yet amusing anecdotes of the Mishra family, set amid gorgeous byways in the heart of India. The presence of several incredibly relatable people in Gullak 3 is what keeps the audience interested. This Hindi web series on Sony LIV chronicles the story of middle-class aspirations and will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Immature 2

Immature 2 continues the tale of Dhruv and his pals Kabir and Susu, who are torn between being children and adults. In this television series, Indian youngsters talk about relationships, romance, and all the emotions that come with all of that. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

An Indian humorous drama called Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare is available online thanks to Zakir Khan. The main character of this must-watch Hindi web series is Ronny (Zakir Khan), a young fellow whose existence is not motivated by big aspirations. He only desires a nice existence where he can brag about himself by telling useful lies. Since he claims that his Uncle is an MLA, he is the leader of his own cocoon and his supporters accept his word as the final authority.

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