Whatsapp Update Might Allow With 4+ Users in a Group Call


Whatsapp Might Roll New Update With 4+ Users in a Group Call. Amidst the spread of the novel Coronavirus, work from home, attending classes online and maintain social distancing has become a necessity for people all over the world.

This has made them fall on to such video calling services like Zoom and Google Duo. These video calling services observed a major boom in their user statistics between February to April. They are addressing their users with the best features to keep them stay.

And Whatsapp is doing the same by bringing some great changes in the next update. According to the Whatsapp Feature Tracker WABetaInfo, the new version of the Whatsapp, WhatsApp v2.20.128 beta and WhatsApp v2.20.129 beta for Android are going to update on the Playstore.

According to the reports, Whatsapp has been working over a dozen changes and experimenting with new ideas. And video call has been on top of them. In the new update, users could expect an increase in the number of participants in the group call.

As of now, the maximum strength in a Whatapp group call is four. Though the reports miss the point on how many more participants we could expect we do predict that the services will be a major competition to other video calling apps like Zoom and Google Duo.

Adding to the updates and new features, WhatsApp has released another beta version for Android. This update brings the user a new calling display design and shows that your call is end-to-end encrypted. 

The version is available on both Android and iOS Play store. But the features are yet to be made available for the users. So even if you download the latest version of the app, you will be missing this feature. 

Also, when the update is made live for every user after beta testing, users are required to have the latest and same version on their phone to add on the call.

The spread of Coronavirus is at large and every country has been going under a serious lockdown situation. If Whatsapp is going to bring in the update anytime, its got to be quite sooner.

Otherwise, as it may happen, the individuals would shift to other platforms and it might strike a blow to Whatspp’s everlasting popularity. Well! everyone has changed with the current times, right?

The update seems viable but initially, they have limited the numbers participants to only 4 due to the fact that their servers would be overloaded or due to limited capacity and risk of breakdown oF the system.

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But, previously the case was different, now they’ve been owned by Facebook and a cry for sympathy like that would not do them any good.


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