WhatsApp Takes Strict Action- Bans 71 Lakh Indian Accounts! Check The Mistake You Need to Avoid

WhatsApp is tightening its security measures


WhatsApp has taken a big action against some Indian accounts and has banned them. The number is 7.1 million, and after being banned, they won’t be able to use this platform. Reports suggest that most of these accounts are related to cyber frauds and scams, while others have violated WhatsApp’s policies.

WhatsApp has released its monthly report. Meta’s messaging app WhatsApp has revealed that it has banned nearly 71 lakh Indian accounts. These accounts were active between April 1, 2024, and April 30, 2024. These users have misused the app. The company also stated that if users continue to violate the company’s policies in the future, they will also be banned.

WhatsApp Takes Strict Action- Bans 71 Lakh Indian Accounts! Check The Mistake You Need to Avoid

Why is WhatsApp Banning Several Accounts?

WhatsApp has banned a total of 71,82,000 accounts. All these accounts were banned between April 1 and April 30, 2024.

In fact, the company uses advanced machine learning and data analysis to identify accounts involved in suspicious activities. It has billions of users worldwide, including India, who use this app daily to send messages, photos, videos, audio messages, etc., to each other.

In April 2024, WhatsApp received nearly 10 thousand reports of violations of different rules. Out of these, action has been taken based on reports against only 6 accounts, while many are still in the process. This shows that the company uses strong criteria for banning accounts.

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WhatsApp takes strict action against some users to make its platform secure. There could be several reasons behind banning users. Violating the company’s policies is one reason, including publishing spam, scams, misinformation, and harmful content. Additionally, if someone violates the laws of a country, action is taken against them as well.


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