Reason to Use and Not to Use the Zoom App


In the period of quarantine, everyone is striving hard to cope up and trying to connect the way they do before. Job holders, job seekers, students and everyone whose life was dependent on socializing each and everyone is in a battle to remain connected and not left behind.

Now, you may already know that during this lockdown, people have become dependent on social conferencing app ‘Zoom’. 

Within three weeks, the app has recorded almost 50 million downloads, surpassing TikTok and Whatsapp and has become one of the top apps under the free section of Google Play in India to be downloaded that fast. Despite this massive popularity, many experts have raised questions about the app’s security features. 

According to them, people should stop using Zoom altogether due to serious privacy concerns. So with all the facts and background checks, we have the complete guide for reason to use and not to use the Zoom app for video conferencing during the lockdown.

Why use?

You can add up to 100 live participants at one time

The free version of the Zoom app lets you have 100 attendees at one go. Adding to this, you can have an unlimited 1-on-1 calling facility and over 40 minutes of group calls.

You can add anyone to it.

For using Zoom, you need a proper 3G/4G/5G internet connection and display screen. It can be your smartphone, tablet, PC and even your TV. Also, being used by everyone, you can add new members easily.

A simple and easy to set up a way to attend your meetings

The main feature that anyone would like is that you only need the room ID and password for taking part in the conference video call. For professional and personal reasons, the Zoom app is doing well for both. 

To use: “Zoombombing” has become a major online harassment crime

“Zoomraiding” or “Zoombombing” has been observed for quite some time. Sharing hate speech, pornography or other ill-suited content is flashed, disrupting the ongoing video call on the app. 

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Why not to use it?

Zoom leak personal details, according to reports

Recently, it was stated that Zoom shares personal information including emails and photos. The reason was given to be having contradictions in terms of the ‘Company Directory’.

There is a minimum chance of end-to-end chat encryption

According to the company, Zoom meetings are not end-to-end encrypted. The video calls possess the same security barrier similar to the web over HTTPS. Although the connection is secure the video can be decrypted by third-party servers.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has banned Zoom conferencing 

Having heard of the several issues with the security breach, the company has banned the usage inside or related work to the facility on the app.

Zoom sends personal data to Facebook without user’s permission

Recently, it was revealed that Zoom was transferring user experience, their habits and analytic data of the clients who are absent on Facebook. 

Zoom “attendee tracking” feature could be dangerous

Zoom analyzes the presence of the number of people attending any conference call. Having their personal data, this raises major points for users’ privacy concerns.

Apple Macbook users find privacy flaws in it

Many Macbook users have noticed that after switching off the Zoom application on their system, the camera feature launch itself. This was a sign of hackers activating the camera for data theft.

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