Troubled with iPhone storage full notification? Try out these tips to free up space

Troubled with iPhone storage full notification? Try out these tips to free up space

iPhone devices are loaded with features and mainly offer ample internal storage, which can store loads of videos, documents and photos. However, many Apple users still complain about not having enough space on their devices. These users claim that they have not filled up their storage capacity, but the iPhone still irritates them with the notification and even starts to lag while using the device for regular usage.

It happens because nowadays, devices are heavily used for the internet, and the phones end up soaking a lot of data from the browser history and internet-based apps in the machine. This leads to considerable caches in smartphones that are not easily visible to the users. After prolonged usage, these caches end up getting so big that they might consume the entire storage capacity of your iPhone.

Here’s how to get rid of unnecessary things occupying storage in your iPhone:

1- Clear Safari cache

Go to the safari browser and open up the info page where everything about the browser is visible. Please search for the clear cache option and click on it. Rest easy cause you might have saved a few GB of space in your iPhone by following this simple trick.

2- Back up your storage on iCloud


If you have tons of photos and videos on your device, then you can opt to upload all of these to Apple iCloud. This will allow you to access your data whenever you want without going through a lot of hassle. Once you have done that, clear the photos and videos from your device to save up the storage.

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3- Uninstall unused apps

Keeping up apps which you do not use at all will only put a burden on your device. Remove all the unnecessary applications from your iPhone to save a ton of space because even though you don’t use these apps, they continue to run in the background and develop a lot of cached data.

4- Clear WhatsApp data


WhatsApp has become a necessity, and tons of data is shared every day through this popular chatting application worldwide. However, many people are unaware that WhatsApp uses a huge chunk of storage in your iPhone if a constant watch is not kept on this application. Regularly clearing the build-up cache and unnecessary files from this application will reduce the burden on iPhone storage.

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