WhatsApp Rolls Out ‘Search By Date’ Feature: Here’s How To Find Messages With Date

Here's how to use the latest 'Search by Date' feature of WhatsApp


WhatsApp owned by Meta has introduced the new ‘search by date’ feature to make the process of finding old messages from chats easier and convenient. The rollout of this feature was announced by the Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg on his WhatsApp channel. He shared a video to reveal the ‘search by date’ feature and to let the WhatsApp users know how to use it.

How to Use ‘Search By Date’ Feature on WhatsApp

Steps for Android Users:

  • Open the chat from which you want to search the old messages
  • Once you are in the desired chat; click on the three dots on the top right corner
  • Then select search
  • Once you click on set you will see a search bar in the top of the chat
  • In the right corner of search bar there will be a calender
  • Click on that calender to open up all the past dates
  • Pick your desired date and you will be redirected to the messages on that particular date in the concerned chat

Steps for iPhone Users:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat in which you want to search the messages by date
  • Click on the name of that person of group
  • You will the option of search
  • Click on that to open up the search bar
  • Now, click on the calender at the right corner of search bar
  • Pick your desired date and see the messages
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WhatsApp Search by Date Feature

Is ‘Search By Date’ Feature Available for All WhatsApp Users?

Yes, the feature is available for all WhatsApp users. One just has to update their WhatsApp to the latest version to start using the feature.

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Is ‘Search By Date’ Useful?

Search by date is definitely a useful feature as it clears out the problems which the WhatsApp users faced with the search by word feature. Often the WhatsApp users used to search a word to look at a specific chat but the repetition of that word in the chat made it a huge task to go through all the messages to find the one message from a specific date.


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