WhatsApp Features Which Enhanced IM Platform Greatly


World’s biggest messenger, Whatsapp is known to bring a tonne of updated features now and then. From advanced search, emojis, or enhancements to privacy options, there’s always something new that WhatsApp is working on.

Since the early pandemic, the company has been on a halt to bring their latest treat of new features. But recently, some new reports have emerged that suggests that the Facebook-owned company is working on a plethora of new whatsapp features.

These upgrades and improvements are to be added shortly in the upcoming version. Let’s take a look at the new Whatsapp features that you will make the chatting experience much better and interesting.

WhatsApp Features Which Enhanced IM Platform Greatly

Users can now add up to 50 members on a video call

Known as the “Whatsapp Rooms”, the feature will now allow the host to add up to 50 members on a video call. The Rooms integration will now allow all users to create a new Room and join an invite right from the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktop.


Whatsapp multi-device support for chatting

The messenger is adding multi-device support via all the devices that are logged in with that account will receive a message. And all such devices will contain the same data stored, all in one single account such as started messages and archived chats.


Whatsapp is adding a ‘Permanent Mute Switch’ option

The billion-user Messenger is also adding a ‘Permanent Mute Switch’ option for muting notifications of the group chat. With this new feature, the user can mute a group chat for an indefinite time. The feature will be a major upgrade to the current 1-year limit.


WhatsApp has introduced 138 new emojis

Whatsapp has rolled out 138 new emojis in the latest Android beta version of the app. These emojis add new professions such as chef, farmer, painter among others, and brings new ‘racial’ emojis, wheelchair symbol amongst others.


‘Dark Mode’ for Whatsapp

Dark Mode for Whatsapp is one of the coolest features on our listing. The Dark Mode will allow the users to use Whatsapp in low-lights without any strain on their eyesight. However, the upcoming feature is introduced for web and desktop version only.


Whatsapp new Touch ID and Face ID Unlock 

With this new feature, you can protect your Whatsapp account with Touch ID and Face ID on your android smartphones. This feature has removed any situation of installing third-party apps to secure it with pattern locks/hand gestures or any secondary lock.


Whatsapp QR code to add new contacts instantly

Inspiring from the fast sync technology on mobile devices, the Facebook-owned Whatsapp is also adding the QR code feature which will allow the users to add new contacts instantly.


One-tap group Whatsapp group video call

Whatsapp has also planned of adding a video icon in group chats in the upcoming feature line-up. The One-tap group Whatsapp video call will allow the group participants to start a group video call with a single tap, present on the sharing icon. 

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Contact shortcuts, better voice over, new chat bubble comes to WhatsApp

Contacts will now have a display picture shortcut with which the user can open the chat head instantly. Also, there will be a better voice over quality on Whatsapp call and the company has also planned to change the color of the Whatsapp chat bubble.

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