Certain hike in Omicron Cases: Delhi Govt bans gathering on Christmas and New Year’s Eve


According to data released by the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday 22 December 2021, Delhi recorded 125 new Covid infection (including Omicron Cases) in one day, the highest number in the previous six months.

As the number of Omicron cases in the country’s capital continues to climb, the Delhi administration today prohibited all Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Cultural activities were also forbidden on a day when Delhi had 125 new Covid cases, the most in 6 months.

In response to indicators of an increase in infections from the new Omicron cases, the Centre has ordered states to establish war rooms and reinstate controls, including night curfews, in a warning. It also specified the number of prevention and control methods, such as comprehensive testing and collection regulation.

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Omicron Cases in Delhi, India

Here’s a 10-point explanation of the Omicron cases and major steps taken by the Delhi Government against it:

According to a DDMA (Delhi disaster management act) order, all cultural activities and other gatherings are prohibited.

Officials in Delhi have yet to establish the legal limit for gatherings.

All social, political, sporting, economic, cultural, spiritual, and festival activities are prohibited. Banquet Halls can only be used for events, conferences, marriages, and exhibitions with riders.

Before the two major year-end festivities, prospective Covid superspreader sites are being discovered. According to a Delhi Disaster Management Authority order, all divisional magistrates must conduct a focused survey of the entire region under their authority to identify wallets, colonies, markets, and crowded areas that have the potential to become superspreaders of Coronavirus and its Omicron cases (DDMA).

Colleges and universities can operate as long as they strictly adhere to SOP. Restaurants and bars will be permitted to open with only half of their seating capacity.

Cinemas, plays, and multiplexes can still have 100 percent occupancy, but auditoriums and meeting halls can only have up to 50 percent occupancy. Exhibitions are also permitted.

The Delhi Metro can operate at maximum capacity, with up to 30 standing people each coach. Buses can also use 100 percent seating, withstanding travelers permitted to occupy up to 50% of the maximum seating.

Weddings and funerals are limited to 200 people.

Officials from the local authority and the Delhi police have been asked to intensify policing to make sure that people obey social-distancing standards and wear masks. Officials in the district have been requested to submit daily updates. Market trade groups have also been instructed to refuse admission to customers who do not wear masks.

So far, Delhi has documented 57 Omicron cases, the most of any state or union territory in India. In India, 213 instances of the extremely infectious strain of Covid have been identified.


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