These Thrift Markets Of Delhi Will Keep Your Pockets Warm And Your Style Quotient on Point.


Who doesn’t love thrift shopping, right? You go in with quite less money and come out of the other side with a couple of bags filled with amazing yet cheap products, Ain’t that something awesome?

Delhi is one of the best places for thrift shoppers all over the world. Whether you wanted a cozy pajama for a good night sleep or a fancy handbag to show off in parties, Delhi has it all, Delhi is also one of the prime areas for snooping in if you’re a business-oriented person and want to earn some hard cash. The exquisite variety of items and cheapest prices all across the nation makes it the ace of all wholesale marketplaces in India.

Nehru Place


It is one of Asia’s biggest electronic market and it is paradise on earth for nerdy geeks. You can literally pick stuff ranging from LED night light to Nvidia RTX 2080 TI, Which you won’t find anywhere in the whole country as of now. The price of electronic goods are quite cheaper and that is the second reason people prefer to visit Nehru Place for buying any electronic stuff.

Also, it features a little cloth and accessories market in between the complexes that surround the Nehru Place. The goods are not of any top-notch quality but you can pick some sturdy materials at low prices sometimes.


Chandni Chowk



Chandni Chowk is one of the crowdest places that you can find on the face of the earth. It is filled with a different section of the market which is enriched in specific niches. From colored LED strips and big neon DJ light to jewelry and spices, you can buy them all from one single place, Chandni Chowk.


The different sections of the market are as follows:

Ballimaran Market: eyewear.

Dariba Kalan: jewelry and ladies accessories.

Nai Sarak: books and stationery.

Bhagirath Palace: the biggest electronic market in India.

Kucha Choudhary Market: Camera and related accessories.

Chawri Bazaar: Famous for card printing.

Khari Baoli: Different kind of spices.


Tank Road

Tank road is one of the biggest whole selling fabric and readymade clothes market in Delhi. Situated near Karol Bagh and having closed off dingy alleys filled with a boatload of shops selling a variety of clothes perfectly depicts Tank road.

The market is filled with rickshaws containing several boxes worth of stuff ready to be exported to other cities, as Tank road serves as one of the most prominent markets for resellers.

Famously, Tank road is known for its denim item and a variety of denim jeans, shirt, jacket, trousers are available at a very affordable price regardless you are an individual or a reseller.


Sarojini Nagar market


Sarojini Nagar is the fashion capital for a Delhi girl and it’s not possible for a Delhi girl to miss out on this freakishly awesome and considerably cheap market.

The market is filled with copies of Zara, being human and all other brands but how authentic they are, we all have a pretty good idea about that.

Men would also be seen strolling the market but they are mostly carrying handbags and shopping bags for their lady counterparts with a grim face and ‘when would this trauma end’ kind of looks on their faces.


Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar is one of the most talked about places in Delhi and it is surrounded by mystical fog as not everybody has their own notions before visiting the market for the first time.

Nike, Puma, Adidas and all other famous brands that you crave for are lying there on a plastic rug, ready for you to bargain and snatch upon them.

The items are not usually new and they could be worn or used by someone else most of the time, but if you get lucky you get your hands on some of the untouched new articles, and boy oh boy, don’t ever think twice before buying them as it’s a steal you would regret if you don’t go for.


Palika Bazaar


The underground world of Palika bazaar offers all kinds of stuff and you would be amazed by the power of bargain down there. You can purchase a 1000 bucks jeans in about 100 bucks if you have the right skill set of being a hard bargainer.

One thing might bug you that every other guy would try to drag you into their own store but the trick is to ignore them like they are dead guys walking and you’re good to go.


Banjara Market, Gurugram

Banjara Market in Sector 56 Gurugram has got some really good decor pieces to match your aesthetics at very reasonable prices. The colourful furniture pieces and the attractive mirror frames, wooden flower pots will leave you with no choice other than to grab them, This place is a bargain hub, you are spoilt for your choices here. Most of the items are export rejects, little quality defects can definitely be overlooked for the designs that are offered. So Checkout Bnajara market the next time you want to make little change in your house.

Lastly, you’ve got to check your item before leaving the shops as many a time the guys can thug you and give you something else entirely. So be prepared to face setbacks if not conscious.

The smell of those new branded paper bags with brand logos is surely carried their weight. But those rugged polythenes with bulk items that you purchased at dirt cheap price can be compared with branded ones.

Thrift shopping is actually a feeling, and it actually feels good when we get more and spend considerably less. So if you are also planning on shopping in the near future, then just go and sneak in and out of those man crumbled places and get yourself a bag full of the treat.


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