These Superhero Nurses Making This Mother’s Day is Extra Special



This mother’s day is extremely special for India. Mothers all around the nation are serving the country beyond their capacities. R N Meena is a nurse at Gleneagles Global Hospital in Chennai. She is 30 years old and a courageous woman who after sanitizing herself everyday enters the COVID patients room with a smile and positive words to cheer up the patients. While this is her work scene, Meena is also a new mother of a seven-month-old baby which makes this mother’s day extra special for her.

Mother day

Only a mother would know the significance of love and care and that’s why in spite of being a new mother on the line, Meena goes to the hospital everyday to treat the sick.

Working in a COVID ward can be tedious and a huge hassle especially if you just gave birth to your baby. But, Meena has not given up and continues to do her part in life and save many lives.

R Shiny, a fellow colleague of Meena is a senior nurse at the oncology department of the hospital. She is six months pregnant and 28 years old. She is personally afraid of infecting her baby while treating the chemotherapy patients but does what she does because she now knows the pain of loosing something precious to you in life and she doesn’t want any family to go through that. Although her own family have been worried sick and stressed about her going to the hospital everyday, Shiny has assured them of her safety and is taking necessary immunity booster and health supplements to fight the Virus.

Her only advice to everyone is that please stay safe and indoor and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Patients are not the only ones stripped away from their families. Doctors and other medical workers are invested in treating patients 24/7 that they don’t have time for their family.

When asked about this to an internal medicine physician and managing director at Promed Hospital in Chennai Dr Spoorti Arun, She answered honestly and stated that she misses the family outings that she used to go on before the pandemic and that she hardly ever sits down with her kids.

What’s more worrisome is that both Spoorti and her husband are doctors so that makes the situation always a little on the edge for their kids as anytime any parent can  get infected. But, this is not going to scare her down. Spoorti and her husband still have a lot of responsibility towards the society and their patients and so, they continue to serve them.

Her kids have been wonderfully supportive and send her to work with a smile and cheerful talk in the morning.

Spoorti not only spoke of her personal COVID story, she as a mother and doctor worriedly stated the problems of the present scenario. There are extreme shortages in bed and oxygen amidst a sudden spike in cases and people are dying in front of her.

The limited medical facilities and infrastructure is putting many lives on the line and it haunts Dr spooti to refuse her patients and not be able to treat them.

The extreme shortage in meds as well as medical workers like regular staffs, nurses amidst a sudden second wave is too grave to manage and The country is sinking gradually. Everyone is working extra hours and putting in all that they can which is tiring them out in the end of the day. If this continues then the hassle will only intensify.

We wish all the Superhero Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day and a Big THANKYOU 🙂

Best Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special on Mother’s day

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