Hygiene Tips:Why and How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables

Hygiene Tips:Why and How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables

During this Pandemic, one thing is common and that is we have to maintain a good amount of hygiene. Due to the fact that this coronavirus outbreak can be easily transferred to us if we’re following bad hygiene routine.

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Now, when talking about hygiene we are not simply referring to your washing hands and personal grooming but also to clear your food and environment. Keeping your surroundings clean will help you to be safe from the disease.

Apart from preaching about the importance of hygiene in your personal lives, we’d like to answer one of the most burning questions that we’ve been hearing from around nowadays. And it’s about the ways to wash your fruits/ veggies. The reason being that many out there have suggested using vinegar, bleach. soap or even sanitizer to wash these produce.

What do you think, washing food with soap is a good idea? Well! if you have some common sense than your answer should be a big fat NO. Because if we’ll try to wash our food with things like soap and vinegar then it’ll end up leaving a residue which is eventually harmful to us.

Also, we’d like to tell you that its not our personal opinion and we’re not your neighborhood aunty taunting you for every next thing you do.These are the guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and they tell us that we should only use plain water for the same.

And at any case, you should definitely need to run your fruits/vegetables under the water once for the current times demand that. The reason we wear face masks and other items are due to the fact that coronavirus can be contacted with things like spit particles and so on. Which can also be present onto the surface of your grocery items, so do wash them for sure.

Now, you know why to wash your Vegetable and Fruit item. Its time to know how to do that. The steps you need to follow in order to wash your food items are as follows:

  1. Clear the area and clean it as well where you’ll wash and store your grocery items.
  2. Wash the produce under cold tap water thoroughly and multiple times in order to make sure that every dirt/foreign particle is out of its way.
  3. Now, keep one thing in mind that do not wash fresh produce and store them for later on. For such cases generate a case where bacteria growth might flourish.
  4. Wash your hand before and after you clean up the produce in order to remain safe from contracting anything.

And you’re done, was it that hard. Probably no but yes there were a few extra steps includes which are necessary due to the times of coronavirus. A little extra to take care of your hygiene is the need of the hour!

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