How To Efficiently Reduce Your Screen Time By Avoiding the Avoidable


Screen time is not just the number of hours you spend on a digital screen but it is the time you have wrecked your eyes and stuffed your mind with a lot of information, unless it your work or helpful information.The gradually increased screen time is causing a lot of problems for your everyday activities. We can bet that you’re one of those, right?

Well! If you’re someone who has been a victim of anxiety, stress, and things like sleep disorders due to higher screen times then you’ve landed at the very right place.

Now, let’s get onto the solution directly without wasting much time or should we say ‘screen time’ as you might probably reading this on one of your device.


Screen Time

Screen Time Should Be Limited To Work Only

We know that everyone has a couterpoint when it comes to decreasing their screen time. The point usually roam around their work schedule and how they cannot decrease their screen time due to that.

But who’s saying that you avoid work? Well! What we mean to say is that using big screens and cellphones should be done while you’re at work and it’s a heavy necessity. So, it’s okay to use screens for 8 long hours and then rest for the time that’s left.

Using Phones For Scrolling During a Call

We know you’re such a multi- tasking person but here’s a little knock on your head, stop doing that while you’re on a call. You have good reasons to avoid the same a) you’re disrespecting the person with whom you’re on a call with and b) you cannot concentrate on either of the two, and of course you are straining your eyes for no good reason.

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Keep Your Foods Free of Digital Disctrcation

Time to eating should be distraction free, always. Yes! When you’re eating, all your focus should be on the food and not your laptop or TV. This will help cut back on a substantial amount of time from the digital devices. Also, it’ll help build a strong family bond as you’ll be more involved in family meetings, chats and all.


Un-Binge Watch Is The New Black

Binge watching is the ultimate tool to increase your screen time. Yes! If you’re a constant binge watcher then it’s a high possibility that you’ll be glued to the screen most of the time.

Imagine how much screen time you could have saved on watching ‘Friends’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’ on just one go. Yes! We know you’ve watched all the shows but at what cost?

Add More Hobbies in your Lifestyle

It’s too easy to get hooked on your phones while you’re thinking about ‘what to do’. We suggest add hobbies in your life that doesn’t require digital devices. Like adding reading to your routine, workout, catching up with friends,

No Screens Near Bed Times

Using blue light near your bed times will distract you from sleeping and it’s not comfortable at all. It’ll disrupt your sleep patters and in turn will only give you anxiety, sleep disorders, insomnia and much more. So, it’s better to avoid screens at bed time.

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Get Yourself an App For Managing Screen Time

If you cannot control it yourself then you should get an app that does so. Yes! There are plenty such as Google Digital Wellbeing, Freedom and many other.

It’s better to outsource the vigilant job of checking screentime to an outside authority rather than monitor it yourself. It’ll surely help cut back on the same.

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Using all this, you’ll be using screens while at work and for a short scheduled time for entertainment, which is more than enough. Otherwise, following the popular routine you’ll only get more tired and chances of getting your eysight weakened will only increase.

Here’s a little task for you, think about 10 such activities that you can you without the help of any digital device. If you come up with all 10 or even less, try inculcating them to your lives it will definitely give you more freedom and plenty of time to explore yourself.


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