Monsoon Essential Food: 07 Foods That Will Keep You Healthy During Monsoons


While the weather during the monsoon season is pleasant and makes you feel like eating ‘pakode’ while sipping tea, there is also an underlying risk of illness during this season.

The risk of falling ill with an unsupervised diet is higher during monsoon season, where the risk of infection through food and water increases; increasing immunity would help.

Hence, it is necessary to pay attention to what you eat during this season and build healthy habits.



Here are some essential foods to add to your diet

With the addition of these to your diet, you will feel internally healthier and fresh. You can then enjoy the rains, either staying tucked in bed or being adventurous and getting wet.

You will then have plenty of ways to enjoy the rains to the fullest, with the elimination of fear. If you’ve made up your mind to endorse these, you’re already one step ahead. Here are some essential foods for you:



It has antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known as the golden spice of the kitchen. Not only does it boost your natural immunity, but it takes care of your overall health.



It is a good source of vitamin A, E, and C, folic acid, and fiber. These rich nutrients and antioxidants help your body carry on its functions properly and build a great immune system, thereby preparing you for the monsoon.

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3.Bitter Gourd:

Although the name itself would probably make one gag, believe it or not, this is yet another veggie that is quite beneficial for your health and immunity.

4.Omega-3 fatty acids:

These have immune-modulatory effects. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in fishes, shrimps, oysters, nuts, and oilseeds.

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5.Boiling Water:

It is a small step, but one that counts. Boil your water before consuming it to make sure that it is not infected.



Eating Seasonal fruits is always a good idea. However, avoid eating pre-cut fruit from street-side vendors.

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Your nutrition and immunity depend on the food you eat. The vital need for these supplements is why you should be conscious of what you are feeding in.

In this challenging time of the pandemic, do focus on your diet and safety as well. Stay tuned for more!


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