The Chipset On Google Pixel 5 Deemed Under-Powered and Unworthy for a Flagship


Google Pixel 5 is the latest flagship from the conglomerate and they are currently shipping it out as their best product. But is it really that great?

The reason that we’re saying all this is because the Snapdragon 765 G processor that is the power core of the latest pixel 5 is underperforming and that’s not a bug, it seems more of a deliberate move.

Google Pixel 5

In a report by GSMarena, it is said that on their usual testing cycle they found that the above said problem with the  Google Pixel 5 devices. Initially, they thought that they might have got a faulty device and tried replacing that but even after the results were just the same.

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The 765G in Gooogle’s Pixel 5 is performing well when it comes to a single core use and when talking about multi-core or idle state, then it falters and the performance goes way too lower.

You can imagine the performance drop evaluating the fact that the same processor on a Realme device is performing better under the given conditions where Google Pixel 5 faulters.

But we do get to see the great performance for daily use and great battery life as well on the device and thus, it is concluded that Google wanted its device to underperform for making the processor less of a battery hog, considering that it has a 5G band already.

Now, the users are giving pretty good reviews about the device and these stats might be more important to a power user or a geek, but they do matter somehow. Google has been delivering quality for a long while now, it is only fair for customers to expect more efficient and quality products in the future.

We hope to see a fix in the future upcoming devices and a resolution to underperforming issues in the devices. Let’s see what they have in store for us next.

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