Want your Phone to be Always Connected to a 5G Network, Change These Secret Settings Now!

If you want to enjoy superfast 5G internet all the time, then it would be better to connect your phone to 5G Only network. You can make some changes by going to the settings menu, which will give you the benefit of high-speed internet.


5G services have been rolled out by Airtel and Reliance Jio in India and millions of users are getting the benefit of high-speed connectivity. Compared to the previous 4G technology, much better download and upload speed is being available with 5G. 5G gives much better results and experience for needs ranging from gaming to live streaming. By switching to 5G Only settings in the new phone, you can take advantage of superfast-internet all the time.

Want your Phone to be Always Connected to a 5G Network, Change These Secret Settings Now!

With a simple setting and trick, you can stay connected to 5G all the time. However, for this, Jio or Airtel’s 5G services must always be available in your area. Both these companies are giving the benefit of unlimited 5G data to their eligible subscribers and for this they must have a 5G phone and an active plan worth more than INR 239.


First of all, make sure that 5G services are always available in your area because in case of not getting 5G, your phone’s network will go away. Apart from this, decide whether you are getting 5G data with your active recharge plan or not. However, the steps may vary for different devices but you have to follow the steps given below.

– First of all go to the Settings of your phone and then tap on Network & Internet.

– After this you have to tap on Mobile Network and Network Mode.

– Here you have to choose 5G Only or 5G option.

– Apart from this, enable the option of Vo5G (Voice over 5G), so that 5G network is always used for voice and video calls.

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Many smartphone companies give users the option of Smart 5G or 4G / 5G Auto Switch. This setting can choose from the available 4G or 5G network. To always stay connected to 5G, you have to disable this feature, so that the network does not switch automatically.


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