What To Do and What Not To Do, While Travelling By Train Post Lockdown? Explained.

What To Do and What Not To Do, While Travelling By Train Post Lockdown? Explained.

Train journeys have been one imminent part of the Indian transportation scene and it’s been majorly missing for the better part of a year now. But finally, it’s opening up and soon we’ll be observing the commute on a daily basis.

But there’s no harm in saying that the situation is still not under control and there are high chances that one can get caught by the virus even yet. So, having good precautionary measure is much required as of now.

What To Do and What Not To Do, While Travelling By Train Post Lockdown? Explained.

Some of the things that one must take care of are:

  1. Maintain social distance and follow the covid-19 guidelines structured by the government in order to prevent yourself from being at risk.
  2. Do not engage with anyone in physical terms when moving in a public vehicle such as trains whether it be a local vendor selling something or anyone. Report any such activity if you feel like that there’s a need to.
  3. Check your train status beforehand and only leave from your home at the confirmed time and schedule for your booked train.
  4. Choose contactless methods of exchange whether it is payment or booking of tickets, if you’re given the option go with contactless.
  5. Carry all the precautionary gears such as 3-ply-masks, sanitizers, wipes, and a packet full of extra masks for emergency use.
  6. Avoid touching railings, counters, windowsills, and any other surface that might have been frequently touched or been in contact with many people.
  7. If not utterly necessary, do not use public washrooms otherwise wash your hands properly and try to make as little contact as possible with the utilities present.
  8. Do not engage in buying anything from vendors present at the station.

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Some of the things that should be taken care of when in office space:

Traveling by metro or train, upon reaching your offices or your place of work there are some of the pointers that you should keep in mind:

  1. Do wear all the necessary equipment even while in the office and in a working situation.
  2. Do maintain social distancing and do not overcrowd.
  3. Eat lunch and perform other activities separately, if possible.

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