VI: The Vodafone-Idea Combined Venture Gets a New Name


Vodafone and Idea have been collaborating with each other for a long but it’s now only that they’ve come up with a brand new name, VI. They also want to make sure that every person in India knows about this, ergo their aggressive television advertisement campaign.

Yes! They overtook the entire Television platform and started firing consecutive advertisements for VI one after the other. It’s so aggressive that you won’t remember watching any other advertisement in the full slot of ad breaks for your show.


The merger announced their new name on 07th September 2020 at 11 Am and since then they’ve started their aggressive marketing campaign.

But, in the past few months or even a year, we can say that the merger or even both companies individually were not performing well. And this lack of deliverance had made them look extremely puny in front of Jio and Airtel, who are in a constant battle against each other.

Due to the incapacity of any other telecom to compete, only two competitors have remained with a heavy share of the market namely Airtel and Jio. While Jio has new offers and unlimited funding funnel, Airtel still has its loyal customer base. And other telecoms have neither of those, where VI falls in as well.

Now, gushing all their money into the advertising, it’s expected that they might also have something good to offer. But if not, then it’s hard to say what exactly was their strategy behind the name change and these aggressive marketing tactics.

Apart from all that, Twitterati cannot allow such a happening ton to miss their eyes. And that’s exactly how they tagged and commented onto the matter in their own languages. Let’s check out some of the best twitter reactions that we’ve got until yet.

Comment down below what’s your take on the whole ‘VI’ campaign.

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