New Delhi: Traders Requesting Extension On Unlock Process From Arvind Kejriwal


Arvind Kejriwal has recently announced that the unlock process in New Delhi will start from Monday with the opening of factories and constriction related activities. But people from these domains have requested to not follow up with the same as it will give no good results for anybody.

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They have requested the CM of Delhi to shift the one week process into a gradual one taking 3-4 weeks at least. As of now, starting from Monday the above said domains would be allowed to function for a full one week.

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Now, you can see where the flaw lies in this unlock process. While it might be beneficial for the government to have a one-week test run, it’s not looking that fruitful for traders.

According to the general consensus, it is highly unlikely for any labour/factory worker to show up for work when you’re opening the facility for only one week. And what’s a factory without its manpower? Well! Just a rough patched building with some heavy production machinery, isn’t it?

Moreover, there’s no relaxation done on the part of traders and if you assess it correctly, you can see that they have been continuously sustaining their business using their own funds only.

So, their request seems a pretty generous one but again, how to proceed with the lockdown, is in the hands of the Delhi government only.

On the other hand, it’s a little relief that the second wave of Coronavirus has been somewhat taken under control by the administration of Delhi. Hence, they are planning on announcing the unlock process.

As suggested previously, the second wave was predicted to be under control by the end of May and the mid of June. Which is something evident as of now.

What will happen next in the cycle of this pandemic is still unpredictable and well! We hope that this is the last time we’ve had a lockdown and that things be starting back to go towards the old normal.

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