Side Effects of Milk Tea: Here’s Why You Should Avoid This

Disadvantages of milk tea


In our world, the day begins with tea or coffee. Many people even consider it their favourite beverage. They drink tea or coffee several times a day. Some people use it to get rid of laziness after meals, while others rely on it to stay awake at night.

It provides instant energy and freshness, but do you know that drinking tea with milk can have several serious disadvantages? This is why fitness enthusiasts avoid it. So, if you are also fond of milk tea, here are the disadvantages you should know about…

Side Effects of Milk Tea: Here's Why You Should Avoid This

Bloating: Drinking too much milk tea can cause bloating. In fact, tea contains caffeine, which is not good for stomach health. This can lead to acidity and bloating.

Dehydration: Tea contains not only caffeine but also theophylline. When consumed in excess, it can cause dehydration. This can lead to severe constipation and other problems.

Headache: Excessive consumption of milk tea can cause dehydration, which can lead to headaches. It can also cause pain in the eyes. That’s why health experts advise against drinking milk tea.

Can Trigger Stress: If you drink multiple cups of milk tea a day, it’s time to quit this habit immediately. If you are prone to anxiety, milk tea can trigger it. This can lead to several mental problems.

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Sleep Disappears: Milk tea contains a lot of caffeine, which can disrupt sleep. This can lead to insomnia, affecting your entire day and causing physical and mental problems.

Blood Pressure Can Increase: Drinking too much milk tea can cause blood pressure to become uncontrollable, which can negatively impact heart health. If you are already dealing with blood pressure issues, you should avoid milk tea altogether.


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