10 Best Food and Drinks To Order at Tim Hortons in Delhi, Gurgaon


Select Citywalk Mall in Saket, Delhi and DLF Cyberhub in Gurgaon are buzzing with the famous coffee brand Tim Hortons entry into the Indian market. The Canadian coffee brand has announced its intention to open hundreds of outlets across India over the next few years. The first two Tim Hortons have made people flock in large numbers to this place which is home to delightful coffee, beverages and food.

tim hortons coffee and pasta

You might be wondering what’s so special about this place that we are going all gaga over it. Well, we can start our effort to dissipate your doubt by stating that the place has an amazingly chilled, welcoming and relaxed vibe that you won’t find elsewhere in the city. Moreover, their beautiful interior combined with the signature coffee, beverages and baked goods is just a crime to miss out on. Today, we have created a list of the best food and drinks that you can order at Tim Hortons and avoid the need to go through an extensive menu which may confuse you with its compelling titles for dishes and beverages.

Here Are the 10 Best Food and Drinks You Should Order at Tim Hortons in Delhi, Gurgaon:

1- Double Double Latte

Double Double Latte doubles down the happiness of drinking a heavenly coffee. Tim Hortons uses their signature espresso roast in combination with sweet and creamy milk that gives this drink a rich and opulent vibe. It’s available in three sizes, small, medium and large, which have quantities of 236 ml, 354 ml and 473 ml, respectively. The trademark coffee starts at just Rs 250.


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2- Caramel Macchiato

Have you ever been taken over by a food or beverage? If you have, you would know what we are talking about here, and if you haven’t, gotta try this coffee that will make you ecstatic with its divine taste. A drink that you should never forget to order whenever you get the chance to visit Tim Hortons. It is available in the same three portions like Double Double Latte. Caramel Macchiato will set you back Rs 295, which is quite acceptable for what it brings to the table.

caramel macchiato

3- Original Iced Capp

You would have guessed by the name of the beverage that it’s a Tim Hortons exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else. This information is sufficient enough to already add it to your list of must-try Tim Hortons drinks. Original Iced Capp is a signature creamy blended frozen coffee beverage topped with whipped cream. The drink ranges from 354 ml to 473 ml in the largest cup. It starts at Rs 275, which is by no means cheap but definitely offers the unique flavour that you will relish.

tim hortons original iced capp

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4- Chocolates Tims Shake

Think of the best chocolate shake you ever had, and we guarantee that it will level up to that godly taste which you can never forget. It’s a classic chocolate chip Tims shake, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You can order it within the range of 345 ml to 591 ml. The price for this first-rate shake starts at Rs 285.

tim hortons shakes

5- Timbits

The name sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Timbits are a must-have during your visit to Tim Hortons. These original mini doughnuts are highly popular in Canada, and people in India are also starting to love the concept and lip-smacking taste of this baked good. They come in four different flavours- Blueberry filled, Chocolate filled, Salted Caramel Crumble and Cookies & Cream. You can order a single Timbit for just Rs 39 and a box of four for Rs 149.

6- Chicken Makhani Ravioli Pasta

To succeed in the Indian market, Tim Hortons needed a dish that could bring the desi vibe to their foreign menu. Chicken Makhani Ravioli Pasta is their answer to the desi tadka that we all needed from Tim Hortons. The concept of Italian ravioli served with desi chicken tikkas in a bed of classic makhani gravy will definitely please the Indian in you. Moreover, the dish is served with delectable garlic bread that will leave you craving for more. This will cost you Rs 320.

chicken makhani ravioli pasta

7- Peruvian Avocado Cheese Ciabatta Sandwich

A dish that tastes as good as it sounds. Peruvian Avocado Cheese Ciabatta Sandwich will take your taste buds on an eventful ride that starts and ends with joy. This classic ciabatta sandwich is filled with rich Peruvian avocado, arugula and tomatoes over cream cheese. It’s a mouth-watering dish that will cost you Rs 299.

tim hortons peruvian avocado ciabatta sandwich

8- Breakfast Pancakes

If you are visiting the place during the daybreak, you should definitely try the yum-yum Breakfast Pancakes. Who doesn’t love fluffy pancakes with their favourite syrup and a dollop of whipped cream in the morning? We are clearly in love with it and advise you to pair it up with their hot Americano for ambrosian vibes. Breakfast Pancakes will only cost you just Rs 250.


9- Chocolate Croissant

French cuisine lovers, this one is especially for you. Chocolate Croissant will leave you filled and satisfied with its generous serving size and, most significantly, the succulent nature of chocolate that fills every corner of this croissant that is a blessing from the heavens. It will cost you Rs 249 to enjoy this scrumptious chocolate croissant.

tim hortons chocolate croissant

10- Brewed Coffee

Last but on least is the Tim Hortons original hot brewed coffee that is perfect if you are looking for a drink that can sharpen and alert your mind and body in an instant. It is made from a unique blend of 100% premium Arabica beans. And you know what? These Arabica beans definitely work their magic in this drink. It’s one of the cheapest beverages at Tim Hortons and costs only Rs 179.


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