Movie Date Places in Delhi NCR to Visit with Your Plus One in 2023

Check out the best places for a movie date in Delhi NCR in 2023!


Love is in the air nowadays as the month of February has brought the charm of valentines and much more. This is the best time to set up a movie date with your plus one at some of the best places in Delhi NCR. If you have gotten bored with the cafe dates and want to do something different, then planning a movie date with your partner is a fun little thing to do.

Movie Date Places in Delhi NCR to Visit with Your Plus One in 2023

Imagine being with your loved one inside a theatre or a cool place where both of you just experience a film that brings out emotions that can never be apparent on a cafe date. Watching a movie with someone is a pretty sacred thing to do in my books. It introduces you to a new side of a person that you may not have perceived earlier. Keeping all the philosophical things (the smart ones would have already guessed where we were going with that), let us introduce you to some of the finest movie date places in Delhi NCR that will make your evening with your plus one a night to remember for ages.


Club Sunset Cinema, Gurgaon

Club Sunset Cinema in Munrika is an outdoor movie theatre that screens commercial and cult movies. It is the perfect place to hang out with your plus one on a movie date and experience a beautiful under the beautiful starry sky. Nowadays, they are screening some of the romantic movies of all time, and you can book a ticket for just Rs 500 on their official website. Sunset Club Cinema is situated in Gurgaon and, over the years, has turned into a perfect place to hang out with your close ones. Also, you can even enjoy the movie from the comfort of your personal car at Club Sunset Cinema, as they are also running a drive-in movie screening at the moment.

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Cinema Under the Stars by PVR

Cinema Under the Stars

Cinema Under the Stars by PVR offers you a unique movie-watching experience. You can just drive into the open space and watch the movie from the comfort of your car seat. There is no hassle, and the cosy atmosphere in the car definitely heightens the romance quotient in the air.

PVR Directors Cut Ambience Mall, Gurugram

Situated inside the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, the PVR Directors Cut is a movie theatre that will give you a luxury feeling while watching the movie with your plus one. It offers an immaculate movie experience with ultimate comfort that can’t be compared to any other cinema hall in Delhi. Super comfy recliner sofas and pampered food service make PVR Directors Cut a wonderful place to watch a romantic film with your partner in this season of love.

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PVR IMAX, Select City Walk, Saket

PVR IMAX, Select City Walk, Saket

PVR IMAX in Select City Walk, Saket, is another super comfy movie theatre which you can visit with your partner in 2023. Here you get recliner seats and, obviously, the good old expensive cinema food that is a delight to eat. If you can’t seem to afford the PVR Directors Cut, then this is the second-best option for you for a movie date in 2023.


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