15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch


Do you recall those lazy Saturday mornings, where time seemed to stand still and our youthful eyes were fixed intently on our television screens? 

We were completely engrossed in the vibrant and imaginative realms of animation. 

Those iconic characters and their grand adventures were our companions, teaching us values, sparking our creativity, and making us laugh and cry. As we matured and navigated the journey of life, these animated tales didn’t just recede into the recesses of our memories. Instead, they transformed and matured, just as we did. 

The magic of animation transcends time. Whether it’s the warm nostalgia elicited by our cherished childhood shows or the sheer amazement evoked by today’s state-of-the-art visuals and intricate storylines, the charm of animated films and series is, undeniably, everlasting.

Tron: Uprising

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

Taking the story right from the 80s cartoons, Tron is a must watch.

Disney’s recent Spider-Man series took a decidedly youthful approach, incorporating more lighthearted and silly elements. Given that precedent, I initially expected a similar treatment for “Tron Uprising,” one of the best-animated series on Hotstar.

However, after watching all episodes, it’s clear that “Tron Uprising” doesn’t cater solely to kids. It leans more mature, veering towards a darker tone, making it ideal for teens and adults. The narratives are compelling, interspersed with just the right amount of humor.

The action is top-notch with thrilling Light Cycle battles, intense Disc wars, and the presence of Recognizers. The animation is a visual treat – fluid, detailed, and vibrant. Such meticulous craftsmanship immerses viewers in this animated Tron universe, keeping them riveted until the end.

Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

Kizazi Moto, a new series on Hotstar Hindi, epitomizes afrofuturism at its finest. This series pulsates with heart, boasts authentic local nuances, and benefits immensely from the contributions of black writers who infuse textures unfamiliar to Hollywood. Every episode offers a unique visual tribute to the continent.

The anthology series masterfully respects African Spirituality while presenting alternative futures through diverse animation styles. The varied tone in animation, voice acting, and narratives beautifully captures the rich diversity of our continent. This televised revolution is indeed a captivating spectacle.

The Lion King

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

This film stands out as one of the finest in Disney’s repertoire and is a gem among dubbed animated movies. It captivated me at the tender age of 6, and since then, I’ve revisited its magic numerous times. 

The music is purely entrancing, boasting one of the most memorable soundtracks I’ve encountered. Particularly, the song “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” holds a special place in my heart and is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorites. While I firmly believe this masterpiece deserved a Best Picture nomination, securing awards for Best Song and Best Original Score is truly commendable.

The Incredibles

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

Brad Bird takes the helm in directing this superhero film set in an alternate 1960s. The story centers around the Parrs, a superhero family who suppress their powers to meet government regulations and assimilate into suburban life. 

Yet, Mr. Incredible’s innate desire to help others drags him into a showdown with a disgruntled former fan and his lethal robot. This ingenious and delightful film, “The Incredibles,” also graces the list of Hindi Dubbed Animation movies.

Despicable Me

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Prime Video

Having watched “Despicable Me” on Amazon Prime, I can’t help but wonder how I would’ve perceived it as a child. Nonetheless, as an adult, I found it absolutely entertaining. I hope young viewers relish the endearing gibberish of the little yellow minions and overlook the prevalent “mean humor” that modern culture often showcases. 

True, it adopts a unique approach of “rooting for the villain” – the protagonist is, after all, a villain with a penchant for grand-scale mischief. But one can only hope that the antics, like popping someone’s balloon or ruining an ice cream cone, are taken in the lighthearted spirit intended.

Finding Nemo

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

In one of the popular animated movies in Hindi, Marlin, an anxious clownfish, is excessively cautious and protective of his adventurous son, Nemo.

Nemo’s curiosity leads him to be captured by a scuba diver. With Nemo gone, Marlin has to confront his fears to save his son. 

Throughout his quest, he encounters various underwater and airborne allies, from a trio of vegetarian sharks to a forgetful fish and a wise old turtle. Their collective effort aims to rescue Nemo and teaches Marlin the importance of not confining himself or his son to their familiar surroundings.


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

Disney and Pixar’s collaboration consistently delivers magic, and with Ratatouille, they’ve outdone themselves, setting a new benchmark for animated movies, including those dubbed in Hindi. This visually arresting movie is both whimsical and grounded, offering a delightful viewing experience. 

The narrative stands out, and the voice acting is unparalleled. Every character feels genuine and relatable, with the rats emerging as some of the most endearing figures from the Disney/Pixar universe.

Monsters, Inc

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

“Monsters, Inc.,” now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is sheer joy encapsulated in one word: fun! This film captivates with its delightful characters, memorable sequences, and spot-on humor. Truly, “Monsters, Inc.” is a cinematic entertainment hallmark.

The voice talents truly shine, with John Goodman and Billy Crystal crafting an impeccable lead duo. Steve Buscemi embodies a perfect villain, while James Coburn’s voice seamlessly complements his character. As always, John Ratzenberger offers a delightful performance, this time as the banished Yeti.


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

In this Pixar animation, which ranks among the best movies on Hotstar Hindi, we follow the journey of Miguel, a young Mexican boy aspiring to become a musician.

However, his dreams face stiff opposition from his family, who have prohibited music ever since his great-great-grandfather left his great-grandmother to pursue a musical career. 

They envision Miguel’s future in the family’s shoemaking business. On the Day of the Dead, Miguel plans a clandestine participation in a music contest, but his dreams hit a snag when his grandmother destroys his guitar. Undeterred, he makes a daring move by breaking into the tomb of his idol, the legendary musician Ernesto de la Cruz, to borrow his cherished guitar.


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

If you’re searching for a top cartoon on Hotstar, give “Tangled” a shot. Initially skeptical after “Princess and the Frog,” I found this CGI-animated feature refreshingly engaging. 

While it offers slapstick humor for kids, there’s a delightful sophistication for adults, especially in the comedic interplay between the main characters. Sidekicks like Max and Pascal add hilarity.

Both the hero and heroine are well-rounded, and there’s an underlying melancholic tone throughout that resonates with older viewers.


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

In one of the latest movies on Hotstar, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen,” the tale unfolds in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Two princesses, Anna and Elsa, grow up together. Elsa, endowed with icy magical powers, unintentionally causes harm to Anna, leading to their separation during childhood. 

Years fly by, and during Elsa’s coronation, Anna is smitten by Prince Hans. However, when Anna seeks Elsa’s blessing for their engagement, Elsa wisely remarks that one shouldn’t marry someone they’ve just met. 


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

While I’ve always had a soft spot for movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo, my curiosity was piqued by other CGI animated films, especially those streaming on Hotstar. I missed watching this particular movie in theaters but chanced upon it on a rental, and it truly exceeded my expectations.

It beautifully breaks away from the typical black and white narrative, challenging various stereotypes and proving that appearances can be deceiving. The main characters resonated deeply with me, earning my heartfelt applause. 

Alongside Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6, this film is among my top picks for non-Pixar Disney CGI offerings. For those with a penchant for anthro animals in a contemporary setting devoid of humans, this is the film to watch!


15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

Disney’s animation prowess truly shines in this film, making it one of the best movies on Hotstar. It ranks among Disney’s most visually stunning creations. It could easily be considered one of the most beautiful animated films of its year, even when placed alongside masterpieces like ‘Your Name’, ‘Kubo’, and ‘Zootropolis’. 

The meticulous attention to detail, from the intricate patterns of Maui’s tattoos to the vibrancy of the water and trees, is breathtaking. Every scene radiates with lifelike authenticity and doesn’t skimp on even the tiniest elements. 

Standout sequences include the climax, “We Know the Way”, “Shiny”, and the encounter with the coconut pirates, all a testament to animation’s potential to mesmerize.

The Jungle Book

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

If you’re pondering over what to watch on Hotstar, this live-adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle Book is a riveting choice. The narrative aligns more with the novel, making it a unique interpretation. Jason Scott Lee steps into the shoes of an adult Mowgli, effortlessly embodying a blend of drama, humor, and valor.

The portrayal of the animal characters is equally mesmerizing, with the massive and enchanting snake Kaa being a standout. The villains add a layer of suspense, making for thrilling sequences as Mowgli strives to protect his jungle from their nefarious plans. It’s genuinely engaging content.

Strange World 

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animated Movies To Watch

Watch on Hotstar

“Strange World,” one of the new animated movies on Disney+ Hotstar, begins with a humor that takes a moment to establish, but once it does, it evolves into a heartfelt and wondrous adventure. It offers genuine representation, marking a significant shift for a previously hesitant studio in this domain.

Jake Gyllenhaal shines in his lead role, demonstrating natural flair in voice acting, and his compelling father-son dynamic with the talented Jaboukie Young-White forms the emotional crux of the story. Dennis Quaid also delivers a memorable performance, adding much-needed comic relief.

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