Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus Recovery Process


Currently, the world is hit hard by the novel Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has taken down the globe from it and has become the largest spread the world has ever seen. It is sweeping countries by countries fast enough and given the fact that it is a communicable disease and spread from person to person, it is hard enough to see the spread going out anytime soon. But is there any chance of coronavirus recovery in some time?

And now, with the rise in the poll of patients, there has been a major hit in the spread of the facts and information related to the afterlife in the recovery period. And if you have been diagnosed positive with the virus, you might want to get the idea on how to deal with the conditions after you leave the special quarantine conditions.


So here we have the complete guide for you on how to make sure you are safe even after you have been diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Recovery Process

What to expect as you recover from COVID-19? Why am I not considered fully recovered even if I have been out of the hospital?

As per the current reports, our experts have classified the conditions of a person’s coronavirus recovery into three major categories. These are Mild, Moderate, and Severe symptoms.

Mild Symptoms: Till now, 80% of the total number of positive affectees fall in either the mild condition state or are asymptomatic. This means that they have the carrier of the virus but are unable to share it with others. As of now, a normal person having mild symptoms of the virus such as cold, mild fever, and pain in the joints will take a period of a week to 10 days to fully recover.

Moderate Symptoms: For those, who have been diagnosed and were taken into the ER or hospital for further assistance, the recovery period would be lengthy for them as compared to those who have mild symptoms. Their recovery period may vary from 10 days to go for several weeks.

Severe Symptoms: Severe conditions are seen in those who have a weak immune system recovery. These subjects are more likely to develop conditions of pneumonia or anybody infection such as lung infection or respiratory infection. Such cases will take extra time to recover their respiratory system and the period could vary between several weeks to some months. 

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Even once you’ve recovered, you may still be infectious for some time! Wait, What?

It is to be noted that once your medical conditions are confirmed to be released out of the ER, your body is still a viable hotspot for the spread. However, with proper precautions, you can lower down your chances of being contagious. 

According to the statistical data, a person who has gone more than 72 hours without showing any signs of Flu or mild symptoms could still be a great source of the virus. They may still be continuing to shed the virus through feces for a period of one to two weeks. 

To tackle this situation, it is advised to wear face masks and maintain a good distance between your family members while you use the bathroom. You are also advised to sanitize your flusher and faucet handle, after using the restroom. 


But wait! If I was diagnosed with the virus, will I have any long-term effects?

There is a larger probability that you may still have some further medical conditions even if your body has fought against the COVID-19 virus. From the daily cases that our country has to treat, pieces of evidence show that people who recovered from the virus may develop some other medical conditions.

Many subjects who were recovered are observed to develop conditions such as breathing problems, lung damage, and Cardiomyopathy, a condition that makes it difficult to pump blood from the heart to your body. These conditions were observed several weeks after the release from the hospital. So it is advised to go for regular checkups even after your body shows no vital source of the virus.

Until now, India has shown great results in the recovery period of the COVID-19 affectees. As of now, the country has observed a staggering number of more than 5000 cases in the past 24 hours. And on May 17, the total number of Coronavirus affectees reached 90648 confirmed cases out of which 34244 have been positively recovered.  

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