Measures while ordering online from Amazon and Flipkart


Amid the 3 week lockdown in the country, major industries and companies in the country are seeing a large deficit in their daily revenues. And one of the most hard-hit is the e-commerce and retailing sector.

With the locking period in India, India’s largest online retailers Amazon Inc. and Walmart Inc. owned Flipkart are facing considerable shutdowns and unmeasurable disruptions. 

Measures while ordering online

As per the government orders, the retails companies are forced to prevent any entry of food trucks throughout state borders.

Currently, Indian authorities have announced some of the strictest coronavirus-related restrictions in the world.

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While China allowed the flow of food and basic groceries during the COVID-19 quarantine, the Indian government has changed the landscape of the distribution of food resources through online mediums.

According to an inside source, both Amazon and Flipkart are striving hard with negotiations with the State and Central govt.

Recently, on the restart of the circulation of deliveries, Amazon said, “We are working with authorities to make sure it could deliver “priority” goods safely to customers, including household staples, baby formula, and medical supplies”. 

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Recently, Flipkart shared an official statement regarding their services in the lockdown which goes like this:

“We’re expecting that following government intervention, inter-state transport movement will also stabilize in the next couple of days. We have been assured of the safe and smooth passage of our supply chain and delivery executives by local law enforcement authorities and are resuming our grocery & essentials services later today.” 

Also, Amazon has started to provide deliveries on its Prime Now app in Bangalore and Pune. The app offers rich selection and provision of fruit and vegetables such as bhindi (okra) and bottle gourd.

According to them, these were frequently out of stock. As for other non-consumable items, the delivery is yet to restart in the country. Some measurable criteria have been offered by the govt against virus spread. 

As per this guideline, you are allowed to order only those food items which are necessary for you at the time.

State govt are advised to look out for delivery vehicles to prevent mob collection at any place. Police officers are advised to check the delivery address and then allow package dispatch.

This will help them to maintain distance from highly-prone areas. Also, users are recommended not to indulge in any physical contact with the delivery person. 

Adding to this, govt has made it mandatory for all the e-commerce websites to delay any non-essential orders acquired in the lockdown.

And for those who order ready-to-go food supplements are requested to order in a viable amount to prevent any resource imbalance in the country.

Subsequently, do indulge in cleaning the food stash you got before opening it. If possible, opt cashless payment options to avoid any contact.

Until April 15, there is no possibility of answering the proper question that when these services will start and what to follow afterward. Except for taking care of the few basic checkpoints against the coronavirus as advised while having the items delivered to your doorstep. 

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