‘Co-Win’ Mobile Application: Big Announcement For COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery


With the news of Covid-19 vaccine the plannings for delivery of the vaccine has begun, Co-win Mobile application is announced for the vaccine delivery by the government. In the wake of hanging tight for such a long time, a piece of incredible news has come up toward the year’s end which will illuminate the residents and give them some alleviation. Everyone is expecting a vaccine for COVID-19 so they can carry on with their life typically as they were appreciating before the pandemic.

Furthermore, presently, a ray of hope could be seen toward the finish of this current year. As of late, the Union Health Ministry of India has declared tremendous news on Tuesday’s meeting which is giving us a clue that the vaccine is prepared at this point.

A new mobile application named Co-Win has been introduced by the Union Health Ministry of India which will help in recording the number of deliveries made of COVID-19 vaccines. This platform will also be used for recording vaccine data and forming a database of healthcare workers too.

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Health Secretary, Rajesh Bhushan, addressed Tuesday’s press conference and mentioned that Co-Win will play a major role in monitoring the whole vaccination process. The Co-Win mobile application will be free to download from the Google Play Store which will help in recording vaccine data. The users can register themselves on the application if they want the vaccine.

There are going to be five modules in the Co-Win application – administration module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, and report module.

The major responsibility of the administration module is given to the administrators who will conduct the vaccination sessions. It will be easy for these managers or vaccinators to get notified whenever sessions are being conducted.ALSO READ: Oxford’s Covid-19 Vaccine Showed Effective Results on Aged People

People who want vaccine can register themselves by using the registration module in the app. The huge data will be stored collectively for keeping the records. The vaccination module will update vaccination status and will also verify beneficiary details, while the beneficiary acknowledgment module will generate QR-based certificates by sending SMS to beneficiaries once they get vaccinated. The report module will focus on maintaining certain reports like how many people have attended the vaccination sessions, how many vaccine sessions were conducted, and how many people backed out from it.

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