Irritated by Instagram, here’s how you can disable your account temporarily


Instagram has become the opium of the masses. Many people tend to carelessly scroll their Instar feed all day long to realise that they have wasted another day. With so many features and almost everything to satisfy anyone’s appetite, Instagram has become a necessity for people. However, sometimes using it too much can have adverse effects on a person’s regular life if you find yourself unable to disable your Instagram account and keep stumbling on the social media platform for dopamine, even after knowing that it does more harm to you than gain. We have found the perfect solution for your problem.



Here’s how you can disable your Instagram account:

First of all, you need to have a laptop or PC because you can disable your Instagram account through the web version of the application.

Now, once you have got hold of your laptop, you need to log in to your Instagram account on your device.

You will see your profile picture in the top-right corner after logging in. Click on the profile picture to open up the edit profile option on your device.

instagram account

In the Edit Profile section, you have to scroll down to find the phrase, “Temporarily disable my account” click on that, and you will be prompted to answer a few questions before executing the command.

Instagram will ask the reason behind the account disabling, and you can choose any one of the options you like to get it done with. Finally, enter your password again after submitting the answer and enjoy a life free of social media distractions.

Temporarily disabling your account will remove all your activities from the social media platform and hide your profile from any searches in the application.

However, if you ever feel like re-logging into your Instagram account, you just need to enter the username and password of the account you disabled, and it will open up your profile instantly.

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