Instagram Update: Like IG Stories Without Sending A Message


Reacting to someone’s Story on Instagram is a very smooth way to slide into someone’s DMs. But, a lot of us want to avoid that situation. We all demanded a way to react to someone’s Story without initiating an awkward conversation. Perhaps, we demanded, and Instagram served!

Instagram, the Meta-owned photo Sharing Platform, has introduced a new feature that enables you to “like” other people’s stories. The new Private Story Likes feature allows users to like other people’s Instagram stories without sending them a direct reply.


Let’s see what else they got in store for us.

Instagram New Feature
Instagram New Feature

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Instagram Like Features For Stories 

Previously, anytime you liked an IG Story, it would send a direct message to the individual indicating that you liked their post. According to platform’s CEO Adam Mosseri’s post, that will soon change, as users will soon be able to like a story anonymously. 

The function has not yet been made available to all users. However, because Instagram has begun rolling out the Story Like function, it will likely be on your app within the next several weeks.

Essentially, once this functionality is implemented, a new button in a heart will be added to Stories. This is the same button that can be seen on IG posts to like a post; therefore, hitting it will allow you to like a post without sending a DM to the individual.

This benefits both the publisher and the user since the poster will no longer be inundated with DMs signaling likes. Additionally, it can also be handy for individuals to like stories of others without texting them. Unlike ordinary Instagram posts, though, Story likes do not display a count.

This does not significantly alter how Stories are uploaded, but it alters how users engage with Stories in the future. Although, it is unclear when users in India will experience this feature. 


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