Top 15 Best Airbnb in the World


Wanna escape the monotony of daily life and spend a nice week or even a month at a place where you can literally recharge your battery to face the world again or are you simply looking for a perfect romantic getaway? Well, we can say for sure that the best Airbnb in the world can definitely provide you with the exact kind of comfort and luxury you may need. Without further adieu let’s dive right in.

15 Best Airbnb in the World

Let’s look at the best Airbnb in 15 different countries of the world. This is going to be a fun ride that may prove to be useful for you in future. Here we go!!

Best Airbnb in India

Treehouse in Jibhi

One of the dreamiest locations for an Airbnb in India, this treehouse in Tandi which is a village in Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh is perfect for spending a cosy week or two with your loved one. With no one to disturb your peace and a great view of the mountainous greenery, you will be soaked by the love of mother nature. It’s a magnificent place to stay. Also, you get all the basic facilities as well.

Treehouse in Jibhi best airbnb in India
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Wales

The Orchard in Maidenwells

It’s the ultimate luxury glamping experience. The Airbnb is away from all the hustle and bustle and sits perfectly in a private location. There’s Wi-Fi, 3 Smart TVs, a full kitchen, a Hot Tub and a big grass garden area that will make you wanna stay at this place for a long time. Also, it’s close to stunning beaches and the famous town of Pembroke which gives you the luxury to feel free to do anything you want.

Best Airbnb in wales
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Scotland

The Orchard in Maidenwells

This unique and secluded spot is breathtakingly amazing and surely one of the best Airbnb in the world. It is by no means a five-star hotel and the best part it doesn’t care to be like that. AirShip 2 is meant to be a unique, eccentric and cool place to stay and it ticks all the marks when in these regards. Stargazing from here is a fantastic activity.

best airbnb in scotland
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in England

Little Venice Luxury in London

If you are looking for a cosy place in the heart of England in London then this is the best Airbnb for you. The luxurious property covers all the facilities you can think of and it is very well connected to Paddington Station, Heathrow Express, Hyde Park and Oxford Street which are all within 25 minutes of walking distance.

Best airbnb in london
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in the United States

Zion EcoCabin in Utah

The Zion A-Frame cabin Airbnb is as unique as a property can get. You can unwind here with the great view of South Zion mountains and visit the nearly situated, Zion National Park. The open-air concept is designed to assimilate nature and humans and if you are someone who is always fascinated by the wonders of the world and this is the perfect place for you.

Best airbnb in us
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Canada

MICA in Lac-Beauport, Quebec

Oh, the seclusion, the beautiful scenery and the uniqueness of this classy Airbnb make it certainly one of the best ones. The immersive nature of this mountainous property is a unique spot to book during the winter. With snow and trees all around you and the big windows to watch them all day long, there’s nothing that can go wrong.

best airbnb in canada
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in France

Chalet La Vieille Ferme in Manigod

This cosy farm will make you fall in love with its picturesque interior. The fabulous views in combination with perfect luxurious facilities make Chalet La Vieille Ferme one of the most popular Airbnb in France. Over 48,000 people have already experienced the calm, serene and luxurious nature of this place and you should too whenever you are in France next time.

best airbnb in france
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Germany

Houseboat in Havelsee

Personally, I just love the Airbnbs which are surrounded by some sort of water body whether it be a river, a lake or something else. Now, this houseboat is a dream come true for those who love water. It’s cosy and does not offer all that luxury you may get at other places but it does offer a long-lasting and unique staycation opportunity.

best airbnb in germany
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Spain

Casa Acantilado in Salobrena

This just looks straight out of an imaginary fantasy book. A beautiful Airbnb boasting a sea view and all kinds of luxurious amenities that you may desire. Just sit back on the terrace open a bottle of fine wine and look at the sea and mountains nearby. Yes, you heard us right, there are even mountains to look at from this wonderful place.

best airbnb in spain
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Japan

Campervan/Motorhome in Kagoshima Prefecture

Trust the Japanese to reinvent things. They are masters of technology and know how to use it for the betterment of society. This Campervan is a fine specimen of how you can turn a basic thing into a luxurious place. The island Motorhome Airbnb is well connected with restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, public baths, and famous beaches and tourist destinations which are all within 15 minutes of travel. So just soak in the sun, stare at the sea and stars at night and enjoy your stay here.

best airbnb in japan
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Indonesia

Aura House in Bali

Couples paradise Bali is a great location for a romantic getaway and this bamboo house Airbnb can make your romantic adventure even more exciting. From couple massages, yoga sessions, petals bath (all in-house) and airport pick-up, you will get it all from the host of this Airbnb. It’s an exquisite and one-of-a-kind experience.

best airbnb in indonesia
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Thailand

White Vale Beachfront Pool Villa in Koh Samui

Thailand is a beautiful and vibrant place that you must visit at least once in your life. With so many beaches and ultimate local cuisine, you can find everything you need to have a blasting time here. White Vale Beachfront Pool Villa is a minimalist-style Airbnb that has a warm and cosy vibe to it.

best airbnb in thailand
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Italy

Mirror House in South Tyrol

Another uniquely amazing Airbnb property to plan your next staycation to, Mirror House is an architectural wonder. They have high standards for luxury and comfort which makes them an ideal choice for your holiday. Also, it’s surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

best airbnb in italy
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in South Korea

Emotional Healing in Seoul

A guitar-shaped exterior makes it a place that you must visit if you are in South Korea. Just look at this! Completely stunning! Who came up with this brilliant idea? It looks amazing and has all the amenities that one needs to make it one of the best Airbnb in the world.

best airbnb in korea
Picture Credit: Airbnb

Best Airbnb in Malaysia

IKAN Residence in Bentong

Last but not least on this list of best Airbnb is this hidden gem villa with a forest view. A perfect place to unwind and get lost in the beauty of nature away from everyone for a while. It’s a relaxing place with a phenomenal infinity pool view.

best airbnb in malaysia
Picture Credit: Airbnb

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