Get Some Unique Handcrafted Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones


Handcrafted gifts have their own separate market and people who prefer to buy these fine pieces of crafted goods and know their value. Since the millennials are quite into the intellectual approach, artistic views, and more, we’ve seen them being drawn to the same kind of good.

The reason being that there a personal added touch of fine experience and craft along with the uniqueness that is attached with the handcrafted gifts. Buying a handcrafted good set is a completely different tone than picking up something that is made up in bulk and distributed throughout the world, killing the uniqueness of it.

Now, the millennials being highly skilled at perceiving good things and obviously tad talent to make change happen in the 21st century knows this fact well and hence, are drawn to the same quality good.

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While there are many out there distributing and dancing art in the form of handcrafted goods, Mad Over Craft, a Noida based firm is getting into the good books of the millennial generation. You ask how? Well! we might not tell but show you this time.

Mad Over Craft make some of the finest products for the ones who want to gift something unique to their loved ones and are into quality handcrafted products and they have a long long catalog but we’re going to cover only a few and we’re more than sure that you’ll get a good idea of what we’re talking about.


Baby Albums

Get Some Unique Handcrafted Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

When your little kiddo comes into this world, it’s become a very important moment and further on, you will keep on experiencing more and more such beautiful moments in the coming future. 

Now documentation of these memories via a baby album becomes a must-do thing and everyone should do that, you too and while you’re out looking on how to make one, you know exactly where to go and who to look for.


Gift Cards

Handcrafted Gifts

Gift cards are something that is often exchanged at weddings, birthdays, and on virtuous occasions as well. But the touch of a hand and the well-skilled craft that goes behind making one at Mad Over Craft adds an impressive tone to the gift and thus, making it more special. 


Personalized Cards

Get Some Unique Handcrafted Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Decorations are better suited when it is made out of hand and is customized to your own taste and bring out the emotions and sentiment that defines you. Thus having a personalized fully custom decoration adds another layer to your decorations and millennials love this.


Sagan Envelopes

Get Some Unique Handcrafted Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Sagan envelope is a very important ritual when we’re talking about a wedding in India and oh! Boy, does your Sagan Lifafa define who you are? Yes! It very much does, so how nice would it be to get a customized one and move onto the next level of being more ethical when presenting your sagan.

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Gift Boxes

Handcrafted Gifts

Gifts are the best, no matter whether you’re the one receiving them or buying/crafting them as well. But we all know how much we appreciate a gift with a little personal touch, don’t we? Yes! We sure do and Mad Over Craft makes sure that that whatever you’re trying to convey with your gifts, it reached the other person through the medium of crafts.



Get Some Unique Handcrafted Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Scrapbooks are gifts that can light up your mood and take you down memory lane. Now, while doing so, if it is crafted beautifully with hands then it adds another depth to the gift item, doesn’t it? Yes! It does and that’s where Mad Over Craft comes in with their skills which they’re quite known for.


CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR STORE  and order something unique handcrafted gifts for your loved ones!

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