Best Decent Ways That You Can Consider While Asking Out a Man or a Woman


When we talk about asking someone out, we surely understand that it is a tricky area to be in for both men and women. We have our own sets of fears and experiences that hold us back and raise our nervousness while we set ourselves on this ride of asking someone out. We often try to figure out the right set of words and freeze on a moment that we feel might be right to put forward the big question, trying to not get friend-zoned.

As it is rightly said, if we would never do it, we would never know it. So, it is always safe to find the time and move ahead by putting forth the question that can turn your lives.


Here are decent ways that you can consider while asking out a man or a woman.


  • Choose Assertion, Ditch Aggression

While asking someone out, it is good to boost up your confidence and come out with a strong personality. But one should also be aware of the boundaries of this confidence so that it doesn’t come out as an act of forcefulness or something that would intimidate the other person. Give the person time and space to process the situation and get back to you.

Best Decent Ways That You Can Consider While Asking Out a Man or a Woman

  • Find about their Likes and Dislikes

Knowing about what interests your potential person is a big plus point. It reflects your eagerness to know about them in a deeper context and strike conversations that would involve equal engagement from them. The flow of conversation and your actions can then be aligned in a way that would ease out the space between the two of you, making it easier for you to propose the question.

couple in library

  • Avoid the word ‘Date’ right in the beginning or if uncertain

While you bring in the question, there are chances that the person can get overwhelmed when they hear the word ‘date’ right at the beginning of the conversation. It is always advisable to keep a slow pace with this and figure out alternate ways to ask them out. You can either ask, can we grab a coffee, or head for lunch anytime. You can also put forth the idea by showing that you are interested in them by saying that you like talking to them and would like to know them in a better way.

Ways to ask out a person

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  • Figure out the Commonalities Between the Two of You

Getting to know a person and finding a space of common interests between the two of you can be a game-changer. It makes a person more drawn towards you making it easier for you to slide in the question of asking them out. Common interests bring in a natural flow to the conversation and can help you to ask the person out in an effortless manner.

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  • Make an Eye Contact

If you are asking someone out in person then it is always a wise decision to make eye contact and subtly smile. This can bring out your strong side and interest in that person making you seem more trustworthy. It is a way to reflect your poised and confident approach, highlighting that you are genuinely interested in the person instead of just fooling around.

If you are asking someone out in person then it is always a wise decision to make eye contact and subtly smile

  • Keep it Private

Try to ask someone out in private where only two of you share this moment and space. Being around people can compel a person to react and give a reply in a certain way that they might regret later. Being around people can also make it uncomfortable for you if it leads to a space of rejection of the proposal. Either way, it is good to stay away from the opinions of any third person while you share a moment of privacy and intimacy with your potential person.

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  • Pick Up the Hints

When you show interest in someone then be observant and pick up the hints that they are trying to drop with their words or in their actions. Someone’s body language can be a vital indicator in reflecting their interest or disinterest in you, making it easier for you to pop the question you have been planning on for.

Picking up hints


  • Be Straightforward

Once you have figured out that the person is single and have established a certain connection with them after an understanding that there is a positive reciprocation in the feelings of that person towards you, then don’t beat around the bush before asking them on a date. Running in circles can make the whole process tiresome and kill the interest of the person, making you regret your moves.

Joey asking out

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  • Ask them to Join You in Your Plans

Making someone feel involved in your life and your plans is something that can get you brownie points. Try requesting them to be a part of your pre-existing plans as it can be a cherry on top while you ask them out. This is also an organic way to ask someone out via text and makes the whole process easier.

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  • Be Graceful and Diplomatic if it’s a No

Be okay with your hopes and dreams getting shattered if you get no as your answer. It can surely be disheartening after you have put in your efforts and still reached a point of rejection. Try to stay in a dignified space for yourself if rejection comes your way and just say things like “it was worth a try” “there are no hard feelings” or “it was nice to meet you or know you”.  Move ahead and then leave the person unbothered, trying not to convince them repeatedly.

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Hope these tactics will help you pull up your socks and give you some push to ask the person out that you have been waiting for!

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