Hinge or Bumble – Which is a Better Dating App for You?

Hinge or Bumble – Which is a Better Dating App

Swimming in the world of relationship pool, online dating apps have become a lifesaver for people drowning with no hope of organically finding their match. Online dating can be an intimidating and exhausting experience if you are hooked on the wrong app with the wrong people. With a plethora of dating apps one has access to these days, it is exciting to see where you fit in to find your cup of tea.

While these apps are designed differently with interfaces to suit everyone with varied preferences, one can see what they truly prefer by trying out Hinge and Bumble and drawing comparisons between the two. The USPs of both apps can have pros and cons that work out differently for different people.

Here’s us throwing some light on the pros and cons of Hinge and Bumble, helping you make a better call for choosing your app!

hinge or bumble better dating app

  • Women-Oriented App

If you are a woman who likes to take the plunge and step up their game by taking the initiative, Bumble can be your go-to app. The app allows only women to message their prospective matches first and hit off the conversation; if not done within 24 hours, the match expires. This gives a certain sense of ownership to women when they get to take the lead with the ball in their court, avoiding the creeps, and making online dating a pleasant experience.

women centered dating apps

  • App for Serious Daters

If you are looking beyond the hook-up culture and a place where you have better luck at finding your love, Hinge is your place to be. The tagline that the app works with is “Designed to be deleted” which makes one believe that they are destined to find their true love on the app and later delete it, makes its users go through a series of questions that they have to answer rather than the traditional swiping feature on other apps. This makes the app more interactive and personal for its users and makes more space for people who seriously wish to be invested in finding their shot at love on these dating apps.

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hinge or bumble better app for dating

  • Number of Likes/Matches

With no restrictions on swiping and getting your matches on Bumble, one can swipe and match with as many people as they wish throughout the day. Hinge, on the other side, gives its users 10 likes a day. While one can go crazy on Bumble by swiping left, right, and center, the limitation of likes on Hinge makes sure that users make their move wisely, giving a thought to what they actually want and are looking for, making it more likely for users to match with someone they’re truly compatible with.

User matches on dating apps

  • Anti-Ghosting Feature

With ‘Ghosting’ becoming the new fear of our generation and something that every second person is experiencing, Hinge comes up with their unique feature of “anti-ghosting” called “Your Turn”. The feature reminds its users to message a new match back, making someone less prone to the idea of ghosting by keeping up the flow of interactions. The feature certainly helps Hinge claim that with its implementation, they have brought down ghosting by 25 percent, giving the app a heads up.

ghosting on dating apps

  • Image Recognition A.I. Technology

With these dating apps being available and accessible for all kinds of people, there are times users get to see unwanted explicit images from their matches that are uncalled for. The private detector uses A.I. technology, making the probable nude images blurred within the chat on Bumble. With a further notification being sent to the user of the content being inappropriate, it gives users a chance to decide whether they wish to view the image or get rid of it, giving Bumble an upper hand in their attempt to bring down harassment.

A.I. Technology on Bumble


Even though these apps have their fair share of pros and cons, one can be a better judge of what they truly like and want by using them and experiencing something different on both platforms. We’d say if you want things with an easy approach, then you can switch on to Bumble, whereas if you are a person who can dig in deep with some complexities to find your true love, get yourself on Hinge before you plan to get hitched!

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