Government introduces new Agnipath Scheme for hiring Soldiers


On Tuesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and the commanders of the Army, Navy, and Air Force revealed a substantial overhaul in how personnel across the three services will be enlisted under the new Agnipath scheme, which will happen quickly. Soldiers recruited through the program will be referred to as Agniveers.

Government stated that “This is a key defense policy revision introduced and presented by the administration to herald in a new phase in the three services’ human resource policy”. The policy, which takes effect immediately, will govern enrolling for the three services in the future”


Cabinet Committee acceptance of Agnipath Scheme

On Tuesday morning, the Cabinet Committee on Security accepted the idea. Moving forward, it will result in substantially lower permanent force ratios for the country’s 13-lakh-strong military services.

The proposal calls for the majority of Indian soldiers to quit the army in four years. Only 25% of the 45K to 50K recruits each year will be eligible to continue under regular commission for 15 years. The move will significantly lower the defense pension expense, which has long been a source of concern for administrations.

Recruitment Process:

The proposal, which will introduce “all India, all class” recruiting to the forces, will commence recruitment within 90 days. This is especially important for the Army, where the division system is based on area and caste. However, which will be phased down over time allowing anyone from any hierarchy, region, class, or religious affiliation to join existing battalions.

Several veterans have expressed worries about how this new framework may be detrimental to the present structure. Crucially, in which devotion to the regiment and unit, as well as pride. It performs an important part as a motivator in the most difficult of conditions.

Government introduces new Agnipath Scheme for hiring Soldiers

Rajnath Singh Statement on Agnipath Scheme:

Rajnath Singh, who announced the initiative, stated that “efforts are being taken to ensure that the character of the Armed Forces is as youthful as the greater Indian populace. A young military will be more easily taught about technological advances.

The minister went on to say that it will enhance job prospects and that because of the skills and experience gained during the 4-year service. Moreover, such warriors will be able to work in a variety of professions. “This will also result in the availability of a more trained workforce to the country. Which will be effective and beneficial to productivity gains and total GDP growth,” Rajnath Singh added.

What Is the Agnipath Scheme About?

The Agnipath Scheme allows for the admission of about 45,000 people between the ages of 17.5 and 21 into the forces for 4 years. The recruitment process is expected to begin within the next 90 days, with the first cohort available by July 2023.

Furthermore, there will be a six-month initial training during which they would be paid Rs. 30,000-40,000 per month as compensation. Aspirants will also be eligible for insurance and medical perks. Following the completion of the four-year term, only one-quarter of the soldiers will be retailed to join the normal cadre. Hence, serve for a total of 15 years in non-officer levels.

According to a Press Information Bureau statement that upon conclusion of 4 years of duty. Agniveers will be granted an option to apply for permanent membership in the Armed Forces depending on organizational requirements and policies established by the Armed Forces from period to period.

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