Indian Army Launched Their Own Instant Messaging App Called ‘SAI’


Indian Army has developed an instant messaging platform called ‘Secure Application for the Internet’ (SAI). The app is similar to Whatsapp and Telegram when it comes to basic features and has better security for managing internal networks.



This newly created app is a part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Scheme’ presented by Prime Minister, Modi himself. The app has features like end-to-end secure voice, text, and video calling services just like we’ve seen on other instant messaging apps.

Security has been a top priority issue in the creation of this messaging app and that is why the app has been vetted by CERT-in-impaneled auditor and Army Cyber Group.

The app will be used by the Army upon final verification as it’ll help protect inside information and will reduce the chances of any sensitive data leaks.

Ministry of Defence has been complimented by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh specifically mentioning Col Sai Shankar for this proactive development of the much-required app.

India has been a target market for hackers in the past, quite a few times and if they head onto out internal securities then it’ll be a very big problem.

The need for developing and having strongly secured apps in the country is a must especially when it comes to the matter of national security.

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On July 4 had launched the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’ which triggered developers in the country to launch and work on their app ideas and worked as a catalyst for quite a few India-based apps.

Several apps like Chingari and SetStepGo won awards under the same scheme as they’ve attained a much successful feat as the campaign progresses. Chingari has 10 Million+ downloads while SetStepGo has 5 Million+ downloads.

Apart from that, we can see that the ‘Made in India’ campaign is thriving and it’s good for both the country and the creators as well.

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