Google Meet Ended It’s No Limit On Group Video Call Feature, Charges Applicable Now

no limit

Google Meet after its no limit on video calls slowly become the standard for online video meetings and is one of the most preferred video conferencing app in lieu of its competitors Skype, Zoom, and more.

The reason for all such attention and likings is the free services that have been offered by Google for a prolonged period of time. But some of the features are near their end and you’ll soon have to switch to a paid account to use them.

no limit

One of the features that you have to say ‘Bye-Bye’ to is the no limit on the time limit for group video calls. Google has now restricted the time limit to a maximum of 60 minutes for a video call with ‘3 or more participants in it. Earlier there was no such rule.

If you were want to still go on using the service as you were using before then you would have to switch to the premium workspace plan at a price of $7.99 (around Rs 740) per month. The service is available for the users of only a few handfuls of countries as of now namely the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.

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The company was originally ending the unlimited group video call sessions in the September of 2020 but they continued till June 2021 and now they have officially ended it. So, no more freebies from Google.

But if you’re not using Google Meet for commercial purposes, you can make good use of the free account as well. You won’t face any problem using the same.

For all account types, the limit for the one-on-one video call is 24 hours. It is also applicable for the paid accounts and if you’re the kind of user who do not have that many group calls then it’ll still be fine for you.

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You should remember that Google Meet allows a total of 100 participants at a time for video call sessions and you’re still in many benefits while using the free account.

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